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Oakley Police Re-Announce $100k Reward in Alexis Gabe Homicide

by ECT
City of Oakley

The City of Oakley and the Oakley Police Department are re-announcing the $100,000.00 reward in regards to the homicide of Alexis Gabe.

The City of Oakley and the Oakley Police Department recognizes the Gabe family, and the Oakley community at large has been deeply impacted by the homicide of Alexis Gabe. This impact is made even larger due to the fact her body has not been recovered.

The City of Oakley and the Oakley Police Department wish to make it known the reward is open to anybody who provides information leading to Alexis Gabe’s whereabouts or remains.

Please call (925) 625-7009 or email [email protected] with any information.

This comes after the family issued a statement to the community Friday morning on Facebook:

This has been the hardest and most devastating thing that happened to our family. It took months of denying and hoping…. the maybes and the what ifs? We came to our tough decision to finally accept that our only daughter is gone. Losing a child is the worst feeling ever.

Alexis has always been a fighter. She fought so hard when she was still in her mother’s womb. My wife was bedridden for 3 months because she was too small. The never-ending struggle and sleepless nights from her asthma attacks. We almost lost her from pneumonia when she was 5 years old too. It’s when we moved to the sunny East Bay is when her condition improved. We had to move away from the cold fog of Daly City and Pacifica.

It’s not easy raising a child. It takes years of hard work, pain, lots of tears, and joy. But it’s all worth it when you see them grow up to be kind, respectful individuals, and makes you proud.

That’s why it is so hard to accept that all those years spent taking care of your child is taken away from you in just a blink of an eye. No parent should bury their child.

We’re sorry but here we are asking for your help again. We are not having any luck with just waiting for someone to give us information….even with the big reward. We think that this idea of offering people the reward money of $100,000 to whoever can find Alexis’ body or remains will create a huge interest from the public. This will be open to everyone, but we encourage all search groups or search teams here in California to join. Also, all who private messaged us…..the private investigators, psychics, mediums, and new volunteers to please sign up to search. Please help us by sharing this to everyone you know and heard of doing this kind of search. You can go to the website at alexisgabe.com to sign-up.

Again, the $100,000 reward will go to anyone who can find our daughter’s remains. We want to hopefully find her and give her a proper memorial service then we can finally bring her home. Thank you all so much

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