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Medical Board President Confronted by Anti-Vaccine Group in Walnut creek

by ECT

On Wednesday, Kristina Lawson, who is president of the Medical Board of California, released a statement saying she was confronted by an anti-vaccine group in a Walnut Creek Parking garage.

Kristina Lawson is an attorney, former mayor of the City of Walnut creek and president of the Medical Board of California.

Here is her official statement:

On Monday, I was followed and confronted by a group that peddles medical disinformation, promotes fake COVID-19 treatments, and is under investigation by Congress for stealing millions of dollars from consumers. It was a terrifying experience.

For context, in addition to my job as the chief executive of a law firm, I am the President of the Medical Board of California.  I have served on the Board for 6 years as a gubernatorial appointee

To start the day, the group parked their rental SUV near the end of my driveway, and then flew a drone over my house. They watched my daughter drive herself to school and watched me walk out of my house, get in my car, and take my two kids to school. At least one of the members of the group had flown across the country to stake me out.

They followed me to work, and parked the SUV head-to-head with my car in the parking garage that is attached to my office building.

That evening, when I left the office building and entered the parking garage four men jumped out of the SUV with cameras and recording equipment and confronted me as I tried to get into my car to drive home.

When contacted by law enforcement, the group indicated that it just wanted to interview me.

Not surprisingly, they never contacted the Board’s press office to request an interview.

They also never contacted the company I work for or me directly to ask for an interview

Instead, they ambushed me in a dark parking garage when they suspected I would be alone. The private investigator traveling with them told law enforcement they are producing a video about me that will include footage of my house and neighborhood, and, of course, me.

Like so many public officials, I volunteer my time and energy to public service because I believe in giving back to the state and the communities that have given my family and me so much

My father was a physician, and I am committed to protecting the integrity of the profession he loved, and to ensuring that all Californians have access to high quality, safe medical care. That means protecting Californians from bad doctors, and ensuring disinformation and misinformation do not detract from our work to protect patients and consumers

I will continue to do this work even when it is hard, and notwithstanding that there is an organized effort to scare me away from it. COVID-19 has killed almost 800,000 Americans, and we must remain vigilant against new variants and against those that peddle fake, dangerous misinformation.

Vaccines are safe, effective, and free – they prevent serious illness and save lives. You can learn more here: https://covid19.ca.gov/vaccines

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Jaimoe Dec 10, 2021 - 10:32 am

Moral of the story….
Don’t due Nazi stuff, and you won’t be hunted down like a Nazi. And yes , you’re all for injuring/injecting children, so I’m sorry to say that you’ve brought this on your own children.
You should just surrender your parental rights , step down from the job and leave the country. It won’t be a good place for your kind, after ‘We the People’ win this war.

TSG Dec 10, 2021 - 12:01 pm

The group that confronted her is America’s Frontline Doctors. I did a few minutes of research: They are labeled by the MSM as a right-wing organization spreading medical misinformation. They stand for treating covid with a coctail of medications, which is proven to work. The CDC on the other hand does not push treating covid, cross your fingers if you get it. (But watch, they will push it as soon as Pfizer has their treatment pill on the market.) America’s Frontline Doctors also seems to despise covid vaccination in favor of treating the disease. They don’t give the vaccine the credit for the good it does. They rather mistrust it and call it experimental. They also disdain discrimination based on vaccination status. All in all I can agree with their standpoint, except I think vaccinations are good.
PS: Kristina Lawson says vaccinations are free. That is a lie, our tax dollars pay big time for them for the profit of big pharma.

ManBearPig Dec 10, 2021 - 12:59 pm

Isn’t this exactly what Maxine Waters has been telling people to do? It’s not nice for anybody but I didn’t hear many folks on her side of the aisle speak out against it. Maxine didn’t retract it either saying it was wrong.

“Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere….”

Maxine Waters

STREET-SWEEPER Dec 10, 2021 - 6:15 pm

All you anti-vaxers are fucking pussies. Come do that shit to someone that will kick your teeth in.

Joe Dec 11, 2021 - 8:27 am

CDC says more Deaths from Pneumonia than Covid, as of 12/4/2021. This is still an EUA shot and not Vaccine. FDA has approved only Comirnaty and that hasn’t been made or available yet. CDC had to change ‘definition” of Vaccine to accommodate all the “breakthrough” cases from people already getting this mRNA shot. Variants of all viruses are weaker than original and the latest Omicron has not killed anyone on the planet ? SCIENCE????

Nikkol Nastazio Dec 11, 2021 - 8:33 am

Street sweeper….amen! That’s what I’m saying. Let them come at me with any kind of bullshit, camera, recorder, etc. ESPECIALLY in the dark. I’m not afraid to utilize the item (s) in my bag….legal or naw *shrug*

badmdwatchdog Dec 17, 2021 - 5:38 am

And if she was so terrified, why didn’t she file a police report? She’s likely doing this to gain some sympathy because the Medical Board has come under heavy scrutiny of late after being profiled in the LA Times. Now legislators are getting involved and yet Lawson keeps sticking up for the board and bad doctors.


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