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McNerney vs. Gill Named 59th Most Competitive Race

by ECT

There is an interesting piece out of the National Journal today where it stated the Jerry McNerney vs. Ricky Gill race was the 59th ranked race that was likely to change partisan control.

(Ricky Gill at the Brentwood CornFest)

Here is what the article stated:

59. CA-09 (D, Rep. Jerry McNerney): McNerney has a lot of new territory to cover, but he’s used to toughing out swing-seat races. Republican Ricky Gill, who is 25 years old, is already outraising the incumbent and painting McNerney as an outsider to the new district.

The article claims the 75 races chosen were based off they consider the candidates’ fundraising ability; public and private polling; months of our cumulative reporting and analysis; and, of course, our own gut feelings.

No doubt that raising over a million dollars for a 25 year old is very impressive on a resume, but the fact remains he has never been elected to office–he has only been appointed to positions. While I think Gill does have a outside shot of an upset, experience will prevail and come November it will show McNerney really was never in any real trouble despite the hype.

Other California Races listed include:

  • #15: CA-07: Dan Lungren vs. Ami Bera
  • #26: CA-26: Tony Strickland vs. Julia Brownley
  • #59: CA-10: Jeff Denham vs. Jose Hernandez
  • #63: CA-24: Lois Capps vs. Abel Maldonado
  • #65: CA-03: John Garamendi vs. Kim Vann
  • #67: CA-36: Mary Bono Mack vs. Raul Ruiz
  • #72: CA-47: Gary DeLong vs. Alan Lowenthal
  • #73: CA-41: Mark Takano vs. John Tavaglione

Campaign Websites

Jerry Mcnerney for Congress

Rick Gill For Congress


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JimSimmons42 Jul 18, 2012 - 3:27 pm

A 25 year old has no business running for Congress. End of story. What a joke.

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