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Keusch: Every Shelter Animal is Like “Fireman”, Please Consider Adopting

by ECT

This past week has been a whirlwind, with my life taken over by a spunky little dog named Fireman, a 2.4 pound, 8 week old Chihuahua mix, who bares the scabs and scars of his past life, a life we can only guess to be horrific.

You see, Fireman was tortured with chemicals used to scar his tiny body. His tummy and ears being in different stages of healing confirm this was not a one time thing. Fido Alert has offered a reward to anyone who has information that will lead to the conviction of this cruel crime.

As Fireman sits upon my lap, and I stroke his head trying to help him understand not all people are bad and that no one will ever hurt him again, I think about all the amazing people who have popped up wanting to adopt him (over 500 families wanting him) It dawns on me, 500 families and only 1 Fireman?

I guarantee you if we combined the homeless animals at Antioch Animal Services and Contra Costa Animal Services, we could come up with 500 available dogs. I beg of you 499 other families who do not get the opportunity to adopt Fireman, please go adopt from your local shelter or an amazing rescue like Umbrella of Hope.

What people fail to realize is every shelter animal is FIREMAN. They all have stories, and they all have the same worth as Fireman. They all want love, understanding and a family to take a chance on them.

Anyone can buy a dog off Craigslist or from the flea maarket breeder, but it takes a special family to adopt from a rescue or shelter. The reward you get when you take a shelter animal home and know you have changed its life forever is something you can’t get from anything else in the world.

I would like to personally thank Dee Peterson, all the amazing people at Well Pet who cared for Fireman, and Umbrella of Hope, who took him blindly, not knowing what they were getting into.

All they had to hear was a dog was in need, and like their name, they became his umbrella of hope, giving him the best care possible without batting an eye or considering how much they would have to pay for his medical needs. For them, it never comes down to cost, but instead saving a life. I am happy to be welcomed in as a foster for this amazing organization.

If you can’t adopt, then foster. If you can’t foster, then volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, then donate.

Antioch Animal Services is offering a discount on their adoptions rates if you say “Fireman sent you.” https://www.facebook.com/Umbrellaofhope?fref=ts

Written by Kristy Keusch

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JULIE HARRISON Apr 12, 2015 - 9:08 am

I lost my dog of 15 years who was my best friend, I was heart broken and thought I would never recover. I knew I knew I couldn’t live with out another dog to love. I knew in honor of my dog Bud I wanted to adopt from a shelter and save a life. I found JD at Antioch Shelter with help of a friend and a volunteer.. He was meant for me. He is so loving so funny He helped with my healing. ADOPT!!!!!!! I will be adopting again from the Antioch Shelter THEY CAR E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him dearly

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