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Foulger, Pearce, Chadwick, Holbrook Win Antioch Speedway Main Events

By Candice Martin

by ECT

Antioch, CA — Troy Foulger won the 20 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. This was the third win of the season for the five-time champion aboard the Bowers Motorsports owned Modified.

Jeff Browne had a front row start and took the early lead ahead of Terry DeCarlo Sr and Brian Cass. DeCarlo spun, collecting three others for a yellow flag. Browne led Foulger and Cass on the restart. Foulger was giving Browne lots of pressure until he made an inside pass in Turn 1 on Lap 8 to gain the lead. Point leader Nick DeCarlo slipped past Browne for second and would challenge Foulger the rest of the way. However, Foulger prevailed at the checkered flag. Championship contender Kellen Chadwick made a last turn pass on Cass for third as Bobby Motts Jr ended up fifth.

Kellen Chadwick picked up his first 20 lap IMCA Stock Car feature win of the season aboard the Rich Quadrelli owned entry. Looking to get back into the win column, championship contender Jason Robles took the early lead ahead of Dave Hill. However, Chadwick slipped into second on Lap 3 and started pressuring Robles immediately. Top rookie Jason Jennings settled into third. As the leaders hit slower traffic on Lap 18, Chadwick used his momentum to make a move on the outside, taking the lead from Robles on Lap 19. Point leader Travis Dutra made a move into third on Lap 19, and Chadwick was the happy winner ahead of Robles, Dutra, Jennings and Dan Gonderman.

Andrew Pearce won the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event. This was his first win of the season. Jason Ryan Jr took the early lead ahead of Tyler Browne. However, Browne grabbed the lead on a Lap 4 restart. Previous winner Kenny Shrader briefly moved into third on Lap 11, but Pearce took second on a Lap 12 restart. Pearce made an inside pass on the backstretch on Lap 13 to take the lead from Browne with Shrader making the move around Browne for second a lap later. Pearce went on to victory ahead of Shrader, Browne, point leader Fred Ryland and Jacob Mallet Jr.

Clarence Holbrook III scored his third 20 lap Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stock Main Event win. Derek Ogden set the early pace over Taylor DeCarlo, but Holbrook moved into second on the fifth lap. A low move in Turn 4 of the seventh lap put Holbrook into the lead, and Brad Coelho had motor issues to end a third place run on Lap 10. Holbrook led Ogden on the restart. However, Ogden got out of shape exiting Turn 4 on Lap 19, and Jared Baugh got by Ogden for second. Holbrook beat Baugh by a straightaway for the win. Point leader Misty Welborn beat Ogden back to the line for third as Jewell Crandall ended up fifth.

After a weekend off, the show returns in a big way with the Malicious Monster Truck Insanity Tour coming back to town on September 9th and 10th. For further information, go to www.antiochspeedway.com.

Antioch Speedway: Unofficial Race Results August 27th

IMCA Modifieds

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Brian Cass, Terry DeCarlo Sr. Main Event (20 laps)-Troy Foulger, Nick DeCarlo, Kellen Chadwick, Brian Cass, Bobby Motts Jr, Jeff Browne, Kenneth Robles, Trevor Clymens, Terry DeCarlo Sr, Terry DeCarlo Jr.

IMCA Sport Modifieds

Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Jason Ryan Jr, Joseph Pato. Main Event (20 laps)-Andrew Pearce, Kenny Shrader, Tyler Browne, Fred Ryland, Jacob Mallet Jr, Joseph Pato, Kevin Brown, Matt Pitts, Breanna Troen, Jason Ryan Jr.

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Jason Robles, Jason Jennings. Main Event (20 laps)-Kellen Chadwick, Jason Robles, Travis Dutra, Jason Jennings, Dan Gonderman, Raymond Noland, Dave Hill, Joe Gallaher, Jeff Bentanourt, Scott Foster.

Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Clarence Holbrook III, Brad Coelho, Misty Welborn. B Main (14 laps)-Michaela Taylor, Gene Haney, Jess Paladino. Main Event (20 laps)-Clarence Holbrook III, Jared Baugh, Misty Welborn, Derek Ogden, Jewell Crandall, Taylor DeCarlo, Jon Haney, Michaela Taylor, James Graessle, Gavin Griffiths

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