Former Seeno Construction Executive Found Guilty of Embezzlement, Filing False Tax Returns

Press Release


Martinez, Calif. This past Friday, a Contra Costa County jury found defendant Edward Miller of Walnut Creek, California guilty as charged of four felonies tied to his criminal schemes to embezzle money from his employer Seeno Construction, Inc. and its affiliated entities.

Miller was the former Chief Risk Officer for the Seeno Companies at the time of his criminal conduct.

Miller created a shell company to funnel funds held in trust from law firms representing the Albert Seeno Construction Company into his own personal accounts, using phony invoices to request that the law firms send him checks payable to a secret company he created. In turn, Miller claimed company expenses to hide the income and to avoid paying income taxes on the money he was collecting. Additionally, Miller used some of this money meant for the Seeno Companies to support his lifestyle at golf resorts and to account for his gambling losses. He spent this money at multiple casinos in Reno and Las Vegas.

“White collar crime is inherently complex, and this jury was willing to tackle a thorny body of evidence that wasn’t always straightforward,” Deputy District Attorney Adam Wilks stated. “This jury had to follow money moving across multiple bank accounts, and had to listen to testimony about issues of civil litigation, business formation, and interpersonal dealings within a corporate structure. The verdict in this case speaks volumes about our community, and specifically to those who sacrificed their time to be on this jury, have the sincere thanks of the Contra Costa County DA’s Office.”

Sentencing will occur later this fall in front of the Honorable Rebecca Hardie in Department 5 of the Contra Costa County Superior Court in Martinez. DDA Wilks prosecuted the case on behalf of the People. The case originated in the Office’s Special Operations Division, Real Estate Fraud Unit.

Case Information: People v. Edward Leroy Miller, Docket Number 05-180254-5

Editors Note: according to Scott Alonso, Public Information Officer of the Contra Costa County Districet Attorney’s Office, the amount was around $344,000.


  1. White collar crime— so he’ll get off easy. If Only he had some crack on him, then he’d get a blue collar crime punishment.

  2. If only his last named was spelled, “Seeno” he would have gotten away with it. How is it that they have been doing this for years in several states and walk but this dude gets raked over the coals. Gotta love the justice system.

    • Dave Chappelle had a hilarious skit on this called “Tron Carter’s Law and Order”.
      The disparity in punishment between white-collar crime and blue-collar crime is a disgrace to “justice” in this country.

      Look at Epstein. He got to rape little girls for years and his punishment? Probation with freedom to roam the world in his private jet.

  3. Seeno must have had some rather damaging information on many mayors and city council members of quite a few cities in NoCal .. that’s how he got to ruin this county with his crappy houses. Didn’t Seeno destroy a habitat of some rare species of frog so he could build his ugly houses in that area?

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