Discovery Bay: Teen Injured in Boating Accident, Airlifted to Hospital

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At 3:04 pm Saturday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of a boating accident that left one teen injured with a “traumatic” head injury out on the Delta.

While responding, the boat was diverted to Orwood Resort where firefighters and medical personnel were waiting. A medical helicopter was also dispatched. It was also reported the teen had hit  head on a rock and sustained both facial and head lacerations.

Battalion Chief requested Engine 52 to establish a helicopter landing spot at  Timber Point Elementary School.

The teen was transported from Orwood to the school by AMR where the helicopter was waiting and the teen was then transported by REACH to UC Davis by 4:04 pm.

No additional information was provided.




  1. I heard the kid was floating around on an inner tube when his head hit a large rock. He was not in a boat.

  2. Howdy,
    I’m the mother of the kid. He was badly injured but should make a full recovery. He was tubing behind a water-ski boat with another boy and they were both tossed off the tube when they hit an errant wave or wake–No one is quite sure, it happened so fast. My son hit some submerged rocks, the other boy is fine. Both boys were wearing life jackets.

    • Maybe the boat driver was being attentive. Maybe they feel bad enough already. You don’t know what happened.

  3. Delta is NOT a safe place to tube!!! There are lots of submerged things the driver can’t see. If you do it… do it out in the large open water. Hope he’s ok!!!!

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