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Delta Veterans Group Continues to Raise Funds for “2015 Stand Down on the Delta”

by ECT

The Delta Veterans Group continues to raise funds for the “2015 Stand Down on the Delta” this fall by hosting a series of events. On Saturday, they paid tribute to the Vietnam Veterans by hosting an appreciation BBQ.

The event took place at the Antioch Historical Society where guests were treated to a ceremony, music, and a BBQ. As of Sunday, the Stand Down needs around $75,000 in funds by September and they have raised just over  $28,000 in donations.

According to JR Wilson, the event had more than 100 attendees with special guest speaker John Amie, a Vietnam Veteran.

Wilson thanked all of the groups who participated in the successful event giving kudos to the American Legion and the Veterans of Oakley organization who supplied the guest speaker and military jeeps. He also credited the event as being a example of multiple organizations working together to benefit all veterans.

“Community resources are coming together which is what we wanted all along. It’s always been a goal to bring the community together,” explained Wilson. “We are stronger as a community rather than one individual or individual organization. I think we have shown that working together is what has happened and we are all seeing the benefits.”

Wilson was thrilled when Staff Sergeant Ty Carter, Medal of Honor recipient, showed up to the event with Operation Wounded Minds who donated funds towards the event and the Stand Down.

“It’s not every day you get to be around a Medal of Honor recipient,” said Wilson. ”The Vietnam Veterans enjoyed it a lot and so did everyone who was in attendance. They donated funds to the cause and we are appreciative of his support.”

Elected officials in attendance included: Congressman Jerry McNerney, Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla and staff from Assemblyman Jim Frazier’s and Supervisor Mary Piepho’s offices. Antioch City Councilmembers Lori Ogorchock, Tony Tiscareno, Mary Rocha and Monica Wilson were in attendance along with Oakley Councilmembers Sue Higgins, Vanessa Perry and Kevin Romick. Pittsburg Ben Johnson also attended.

More photos can be found by photographer Victoria Sheridan who was also at the event. Her album can be viewed by click here: http://vsheridan.photoshelter.com/gallery/Vietnam-Veterans-Appreciation-BBQ-Stand-Down-On-The-Delta-Fundraiser-April-2015/G00006btlTzfGer0/C000076qxZJ1dZEk

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