Caught on Camera: Family Accused of Shoplifting from Concord Toy Store


The folks at Pot of Gold Collectibles and More of Concord are asking for the public’s help in identifying a family that ripped off a $180 Lego set last week.

According to the store, they posted photographs and video on their Facebook Page of a family entering the store and exiting with the item. They have filed a report with the Concord Police Department.

Here is the post.

Photo by Pot of Gold Collectibles and More

Fellow toy lovers. It breaks my heart to share a post like this with you all. Last Wednesday afternoon we had an item stolen from our store.

Please look at both the pictures and the videos (in the comments section) A police report has been filed with the Concord PD. What kind of lowlife parents not only condone this action but actually contribute and encourage their child to do it.

Words cannot express how not only deeply saddened we are but well, how about PISSED OFF! Yeah, that covers how I’m feeling right now. Please share this post with everyone you know.

Or, if you have any information or identify of these so called people, please contact the Concord Police Department Case number is 19-10167. Only together can we stop the spread of theft. And, just so everyone knows. We DO prosecute shoplifters.

If you have any information, please contact Concord Police and reference case No. 19-10167.


  1. Can’t wait for the follow up when they’re caught.

    That kid doesn’t have a chance with those scumbags raising him.

    • It takes more than shoplifting to lose custody of a child. Like severe neglect and abuse. The courts go out of their way way to keep a child with their parents, even with the most unfit parents. Unfortunately.

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