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Business Spotlight: GolfBallin Stays Positive While Navigating Around Golf Course Closures

by ECT

This series is aimed to provide a Business Spotlight on local people and businesses in the East Contra Costa County community that are being impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) and their response to the virus.

In today’s business spotlight, Brandon Johnson, owner of Golfballin in the City of Brentwood highlights how shuttered golf courses and social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted his business. He admits he has seen at least a 90% drop in sales.

ECT will be interviewing 30-businesses in 30-days during April to provide both information and to promote local business.

Name of Business: GolfBallin
Location: 8285 Brentwood Blvd. #2, Brentwood CA
Website: GolfBallin Facebook / Golfballin Instagram
Phone: (925) 626-5590


Why did you open your business?

The ultimate goal has always been to have my own golf course. I started with a mobile golf shop fixing clubs, opened a golf shop and then took over an abandoned range. Now I have a shop in Brentwood that sells news and used golf equipment as well as golf carts.  I have a real passion for the game. The ultimate goal is to open a family golf course/facility to provide a great experience for people of all ages and ability.


What do you love most about the service you provide?
I love helping people enjoy the game more and giving customers accurate information to make them able to make their own educated decisions and purchases. I really never try to sell anyone anything just give them the information to make their own decisions for what they want to do. There is a lot of misleading on equipment but based on someones swing or height, that could dictate what equipment they need and I try and make that information available as best as I can. That is just one of many examples where its not as simple as buy some equipment or accessories and then grip it and rip it.


How has the coronavirus impacted your business?

My revenue is down 90% from what it normally is. But really this has effected my routine of how I do everything. I am no longer open business hours, it is only by one-on-one appointment and I have to wipe down the shop and equipment after every customer.

With golf courses and golf ranges closed for the most part, its hard to spend any money on golf right now and I am feeling that so I am at the mercy of the virus and the governors order.

I will say I am still selling golf carts and able to move a few during this coronavirus which 95% of the golf carts I sell are not to golfers. They use them for camping, kids who like to dirt bike, have a piece of land they want to drive on or have horses. Its for everything other than golf and some people just have them in their neighborhood where they started golf cart groups similar to how there are motorcycle groups. I am really glad I started bringing on golf carts into the mix when I opened the shop in Brentwood because now its paying off.


How have you responded to coronavirus – how has your business changed?

I am much more proactive in dialing in my business from the looks to functionality to the paperwork. I have customized my shop to make it run much more efficient and get rid of unnecessary items and merchandise that doesn’t sell. I’ve fine tuned my shop and done that with my personal life at home with extra time. It’s motivated me to do more with my free time whereas before I didn’t stay proactive as I am now. During my slow time I wouldn’t accomplish as much. You have to find the positive in every situation.

Right now, all small business needs help. I encourage everyone to shop local and support local instead of always buying everything on Amazon. If you want to keep small business here, you have to support them.

From a golf standpoint, golf is a social sport and its hard adjusting because I went golfing during this time and you mentally have to adjust the way you play and the things you do but I do believe you can golf successfully using social distancing and not putting yourself or others in harms way. Buts all going to depend on everyone practicing social distancing and being smart about it–just like going to the grocery store or gas stations.


Any special deals or advice right now that the community can take advantage of?

Right now I am offering club re-grip for $79.99 and golf carts are $250 off. For those that just love golf, get a net and practice hitting into it in the backyard. If you don’t have the space, practice your short game with some plastic or foam balls. If you want to have so me fun, create an obstacle course with household items and keep it fun.

If you want to work on your swing and get some instruction, a lot of instructors are doing Skype or Facetime lessons which could help your swing. If you do your research, you can get some professional lessons at tremendous discounts right now which is a great opportunity.


Business Spotlight Series

Disclosure: this series is being done at no cost to local business or individuals as an attempt to provide value to our community. If interested in potentially being included in this series, email [email protected]

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