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Ben Whitener’s Girls Hope to Raise $500 in Dads Memory

by ECT

whitener and girls

This one touches my heart as retired captain Ben Whiteners two girls, Ella and Catherine, are raising funds in memory of their father who passed away Dec.30, 2012 at the age of 35 from cardiac arrest. To honor their father, the girls are participating in the American Heart Association event to raise awareness for heart disease.

The former fire fighter was known as a “community first” kind of guy as he fought fires before his career ended too soon with an injury and later found his second calling as a teacher where he changed the lives of many students while always promoting public safety.

Combined, they are hoping to raise $500 (or $250 each). As it stands now, Ella is at $120 with Catherine at $145.  The event date is Feb. 14, so let’s be sure to send some donations the girls way by clicking on the two links below. Since Ben was an influence on my life, I truly hope the girls can double their goal and get $1,000 each.

In speaking with Tish Whitener, she is proud of her girls regardless of how much money they raise.

“It means that Ben is, and always will be, a strong influence in how the girls carry themselves and look for the good in any given situation. They are both so much like their dad in wanting to do good for others,” said Whitener.

The Jump Rope for the Heart Program is held every year at their school, Brentwood Elementary and raises awareness for heart health and exercise in children.

I am very excited to watch the girls participate, and help as a volunteer. Especially since Catherine is just starting to learn how to jump rope,” said Whitener. “I know that for the girls and I, bringing awareness to children, and adults that wouldn’t think this could happen to them is very important to us. And we look forward to participating in fundraisers and events in the future to bring this subject to light for people.”

She added that due to Ben’s passing, many friends and relatives have begun taking better care of themselves and listening to signs that something is going on in themselves and that they need to pay attention to.

I think that is another way Ben is still teaching, and reaching out to those he cares about,” said Whitener.

You can donate to Ella Whitener by clicking on the link below:

You can donate to Catherine Whitener by clicking on this link below

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Jana A. Feb 6, 2013 - 9:46 am

Thank you for posting this! I was so sorry to hear about Ben and the loss to his family. There are so many similarities between his family and mine, that it just breaks my heart. I am so glad that there is a way to help his girls out.

JimSimmons42 Feb 6, 2013 - 11:03 am

God bless these two girls! Way to go!

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