BART Seeks Feedback on a Antioch BART Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge


BART today announced that it is looking to improve access to the BART Antioch station and that they are exploring the interest of a bicycle-pedestrian bridge over Highway 4.

According to BART, the pedestrian bridge would go to the south of the station to connect surrounding neighborhoods to the station. They would like to know if East County residents think this would help them get to the station.

BART has prepared 7 questions for the community to answer to help them inform decisions on the next steps.

They advise the community to remember that this is the first step of many to determine a desire and feasibility for a pedestrian-bicycle bridge. If you submit the survey, you could also win a $100 Visa Gift Card at the end of the survey.

English survey: Click here

Spanish survey: click here


  1. It would just end up being a dangerous crossing because of all the thugs in the area.

  2. HELL NO!

    I live in the neighborhood south of the station and as much as I love having Bart nearby the bridge is a HORRIBLE idea. Since the Bart opened the neighborhood has been experiencing more crime and blight associated with the station not to mention the commuters who are parking on the street causing congestion and car break-in’s.

    • The area south of the BART station would be the Larkspur/Bellflower neighborhood. I’ve seen no BART parking there nor any increase in crime?

      • Outside of the commuter cars packed along Sunflower, the broken window glass up and down the street, the Applebee’s shopping center turning into a homeless encampment and a hot spot for armed robberies, the daily weirdo’s roaming the neighborhood……

        Yeah, if you don’t see any of that, you’re blind.

        • I’m on Sunflower every single day and have not seen any BART parking. As to the other things you mentioned, they existed long before the BART station every opened. The car break-ins, the garbage dumping, the murder in the Applebees parking lot, all of that was there long before BART.

          • We disagree on the blight that’s gotten worse since Bart opened.

            We do agree on one thing I suspect, the question of location.

            Since you’re on Sunflower, would you want the bridge to connect into the neighborhood on Larkspur/ Sunflower which is the safest option? Or would you prefer it run parallel to the over pass on Hillcrest?

            And why?

  3. Since there is wholly inadequate parking (typical for BART foresight) a pedestrian bridge might be very useful. But the devil is in the details. Where, exactly, would it be accessed.

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