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Antioch: 4 Injured in Vehicle Crash on James Donlon, 2 Medical Helicopters Requested

by ECT

At 5:56 pm Wednesday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle crash with rescue on James Donlon Blvd and Nightingale Dr. in the City of Antioch.

Upon arrival, firefighters requested a total of 4 AMR units to the scene while requesting 2 medical helicopters. At least 3 people were trapped with 2 pediatric patients.

Both REACH and CALSTAR were responding with one pediatric patient going to Children’s Hospital in Oakland.

6:25 pm UPDATE:
REACH has cancelled due to weather, they were working on another unit possibly out of Sacramento to respond. If they cannot respond, they will ground transport.

6:28 pm UPDATE
Both children are now extricated from the vehicle and being transported to helicopter location. Adult still trapped. One child was listed as a 12-year-old male.

Check back for updates.

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Julio Nov 21, 2018 - 7:09 pm

James Donlan Raceway, Antioch.

Hope every thing turns out ok.
This is Thanksgiving

Harry Palms Nov 21, 2018 - 9:00 pm

This is not the first time REACH cancelled due to weather. That is unacceptable, especially when the patients are small children. If they can’t do their job they shouldn’t be at work, and shouldn’t be getting paid. The coast guard isn’t cancelling rescues due to a little drizzle. Those fair weather pilots are sissies.

What a dip stick Nov 21, 2018 - 9:40 pm

Hey Harry, go crawl back under a rock

walkersplanet Nov 22, 2018 - 7:06 am

Are you serious? I’d like to see your sissy-ass get on one of these flights during inclement weather.
There’s a reason why pilots opt not to fly during bad weather, here are three of them:

The Whittier crash in Dec. 3, 2007, involved a helicopter operated under contract for Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. It crashed into Prince William Sound three miles east of Whittier, in poor weather and visibility conditions. 

MCFARLAND, Calif. — A medical helicopter carrying a patient to a hospital crashed amid heavy rain and fog in California’s agricultural San Joaquin Valley, killing all four people aboard, officials said.

Dec. 11–The pilot of a medical helicopter radioed that he had “encountered weather” and was heading back to Rockford Memorial Hospital when he crashed into a field about 30 miles away, killing him and two nurses, hospital officials said today.

Harry Palms Nov 22, 2018 - 10:59 am

Those are all fine examples of how good you can google. Why don’t you google the poor innocent children that died on Somersville after being t-boned by some dopefiend. Maybe they could have been saved if those fair weather fruitcakes didn’t call off their rescue. This is a common occurrence for those limp wrist pilots. I couldn’t/ wouldn’t want do their job but apparently neither do they. Since you’re such a google extraordinaire, google coast guard rescues. Watch some rough sea rescues. Those men and women won’t disregard someone’s life due to a little drizzle. Have a happy thanksgiving you turkey.

MsKris Nov 23, 2018 - 12:28 am

Wow. Sad that you’re so angry on Thanksgiving. Hope something great happened to you today to bring some happiness to you.

MR Nov 23, 2018 - 9:06 pm

Comes under the heading of “You can’t fix stupid!”

No excuses Nov 22, 2018 - 9:00 pm

Dirty Harry go paddle your boat in the ocean in rough seas and the coast guard will come and save you…let’s see if u can put them to the test you dumb ass!

Nikki Nov 23, 2018 - 11:17 am

Wow. Harry I don’t particularly care for your comments all the time (I know, I know, you couldn’t give a rats ass lol) but I admit, you’re right this time around. I can totally understand why they might cancel in say, a blizzard, a tornado or super thick fog causing zero visibility, the chances or crashing are greater than not, but rain, even heavy rain, I don’t know, seems extreme to cancel a transport. They must have training for flying in all types of weather. I’d think anyway. But then again, I’m NOT a pilot, never would or could be. I applaud and thank those men and women for all they do. But I’m inclined to agree with you Mr. Harry. This time 🙂

Kenneth Gardner Nov 23, 2018 - 12:25 pm

Palm, you might look at the requirements for flight contained within the FAA regulations. As far as Coast Guard flights, they have special dispositions (waivers) predicated on the military equipment and training of the pilots. Civilian pilots do not get some of the specialized equipment (restricted for military only) and at times their training for for rescue is not as high, they are primarily an air ambulance with highly trained medical crews, not trained pararescue pilots and crews…major difference.

MARIA NATHANIEL Nov 24, 2018 - 1:22 pm

Thankfully my family is recovering. I thank those who voiced their concerns for my grand children ages 6 & 12, my son, my daughter in-law who is still hospitalized. Thank you Firefighters and AMR units for taking care of them and getting them to where they needed to be. Feeling grateful!

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