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Activate with Senya: Tacos on my Mind and Healthy Living

Senya Borrelli

by ECT

I love tacos, they might just be my favorite food! I will celebrate that they taste good and are fun to eat any day of the week and for any occasion!

I can enjoy time with family and friends and it’s a fun social experience. I cannot deny a big win on the health benefits of fresh cilantro, tomato, onion, radishes, jalapeno and lime!  I could go on and on… bottom line tacos are always on my mind! And of course, they taste good with an ice-cold beer.

So, what is your favorite food?

Is it possible to kick up the health benefits of your all-time favorites?

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is striving for balance. So why do most of us think we have to adopt someone else’s eating patterns to be healthy? We tend to overwhelm ourselves with thoughts of big strides and unrealistic goals, and then of course feel like failures when we don’t maintain consistency. What if we take those failed experiences and fail forward?

How about a healthy twist for our favorite foods.

Let’s be honest, no one leads a perfect nutritional life for optimal health day in day out, month after month, year after year. Although we try, life just gets in the way. That is why, I am a strong believer in activation and supplementation, our bodies need a little help keeping our memory, metabolism and energy in tip top shape!

We need balance, I strive to achieve that by modifying my favorite foods and activating with the Vitality Stack which contains nutrition at a cellular level as well as probiotics, omegas and vitamin D among other things. I also love my AXIO smart energy drink which I absolutely can’t live without!  Consistency is key and for me the little wins add up.

In my pursuit for healthy habits, I reunited with a dear friend and Nutritionist, Jill Borba. It’s funny how we lose touch with precious friends, and they come back into our lives like gifts we didn’t know we needed! Hidden gems are all around us! I was impressed by her approach to nutrition and lifestyle, and I find myself truly inspired and pleasantly surprised by her insight, knowledge and approach.  Thankfully she provides online services in this uncertain world.

One of Jill’s many specialties is dealing with sugar addiction and binge eating her mission is to encourage, inspire and guide you in your journey to health. She creates a space free of judgement to celebrate food and cultivate an attitude of healthy abundance. She believes you can make a healthy change, and it doesn’t have to be stressful, scary or restrictive.

I highly recommend you peek at her offering of free resources to guide, support and empower you to live that healthy life you’re dreaming of. https://www.jillborba.com/

She will customize each person’s unique needs, both physically, emotionally, and practically. By working together to discover and develop your perfect diet. Beautiful people like Jill are medicine for the soul.

Life is about balance, and sometimes that is not easy. Having the right people and the right tools in your corner can make all the difference. So, what did you decide? Can you elevate the health benefits in your favorite food? Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Join us for Lunch & Learn with Jill Borba and Senya Borrelli in Walnut Creek Tuesday, June 14th, 12-1pm.

Be encouraged & inspired in your journey to health.

RSVP required at: www.ActivatewithSenya.com

Senya Borrelli is a resident of Contra Costa County who is a wellness advocate and a distributor for LifeVantage. She is a wife, a mother, teacher and a coach. If you have any questions, you can email her at [email protected] .

For more information, visit her at www.activatewithsenya.com.

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