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2014 Election: A Final Look As the Polls Open

by ECT

As the 2014 campaign season comes to an end today, this year’s election will likely turn out to be one of the dullest elections in the history of elections for East Contra Costa County.

Furthermore, voter turnout is expected to be at just 46% and an all-time low which does not help. If 54% of the public fails to vote, that is not even a majority of the voting public who are deciding who will represent them.

Regardless of political beliefs, opinions of candidates, political games or bad taste left in ones mouth, each person should vote for the candidate they feel is best for them. In the end, the best candidate for the job will win once the dust settles.

While we may not agree with all candidates and may not like ones past, it certainly takes guts to run for office at any level. They should be applauded for stepping up in the political game which is never a fun process. We congratulate all candidates on a hard fought campaign and wish you all luck in the future.

To find out where you vote, here is your polling place.

Here are some final thoughts on local races impacting East Contra Costa County:

Antioch City Council
ECT Endorsed Diane Gibson-Gray & Tony Tiscareno

With 8 candidates running for 2 seats, fireworks were expected with an increase of crime and lack of economic development being the hot topics for Antioch. In the end, it ended up being a dud. No candidate was outspoken against the direction the city was headed and no candidate made the case of how they would improve Antioch for the better—lots of lip service with unrealistic goals.

This race comes down to three candidates in Diane Gibson-Gray, Tony Tiscareno and Lori Ogorchock who are all solid choices. Ogorchock came on strong in the last month while Lamar Thorpe regressed after his history reared its ugly head. No other candidate is viable.

In the end, Diane Gibson-Gray and Tony Tiscareno have skin the game of improving Antioch while having a track record of participating in a variety of community forums, activities and events.

Oakley City Council
ECT Endorsed Vanessa Perry & Sue Higgins

While we believe Mayor Randy Pope has not done enough in 4-years to warrant another term, if he loses his seat, it will be shocking. His signs are plastered around Oakley and he has the greatest name recognition.

With another seat open, it’s anyone’s guess who will win it. We endorsed Vanessa Perry & Sue Higgins, however, Michael Dupray has used social media to his advantage while his signs are strategically placed in Oakley. Dupray currently is the most knowledgeable candidate in regards to Oakley, even more knowledgeable than Pope, but long term Vanessa Perry has the most potential to serve Oakley well in the future.

Pittsburg City Council
This is a race we should have paid more attention to, but Sal Evola and Pete Longmire are solid choices. The third seat can essentially be decided by putting the five remaining names in a hat and just picking one.

East Bay Regional Park District – Ward 7
ECT Endorsed Diane Burgis
If you want a race that went “silly” in the final two weeks, this was it. Mark Foley was called out on using fake endorsements while it’s no secret the unions helped “fluff” his resume. Foley lost us when failed to answer simple questions regarding the Park District. Seeing they were in trouble with getting “their” candidate into the seat, AFSCME went negative on Diane Burgis with false information and lies about campaign contributions.

To her credit, Burgis has remained classy during the final weeks and continues to show she is the best choice for this seat. She continues to work in the field and help increase awareness of not only environmental issues, but promote all of what the park District has to offer. If elected, AFSCME will have some apologizing to do.

Ironhouse Sanitary District
ECT Endorsed Susan Morgan & Chris Lauritzen
A very quiet race, but an import race for both Oakley and Bethel Island. We encourage voters to support Chris Lauritzen who has been solid on the Board while fighting to reduce director benefits. Susan Morgan would be a breath of fresh air on the Board who will fight to ensure the rate increases stop. She is also very knowledgeable about the District and believe she can begin to work on behalf of the ratepayers instead of for management.

County Board of Education, Area 5
ECT did not officially endorse in this race, but nevertheless, Cynthia Ruehling has our full support. With a criminal past, Jeff Belle has no business serving in this seat and should be removed from all Antioch and County committees he was appointed to after his past was exposed. Voters would be foolish casting votes in Belles favor.

State Offices

Frazier Profile
Assembly District 11 – Jim Frazier

Frazier should win this seat in a landslide as Alex Henthorn went silent in his campaign the final 30-days. Henthorn received just 4% of the Vacaville vote in 2010 when he ran for council so if Vacaville overwhelmingly rejected him, so should all voters in District 11. Regardless of what the republican party says, Frazier has not been afraid to cross party lines if it benefits the people of his district—his record speaks for itself, especially with so many democrats moving towards gun control bills, Frazier has voted against those bills. Frazier is the easy choice on Election Day.

McNerney 1

Congressional District 9 – Jerry McNerney
Early on, McNerney looked like he was in trouble in this election, however, over the past two years a new McNerney emerged that demonstrated the leadership voters expected of him. He has become more vocal and outspoken on issues while fighting for veteran and delta issues.  McNerney is the clear choice.

Mark DeSaulnier

Congressional District 11 – Mark DeSaulnier
From the start, this was DeSaulniers race to lose and he has not done enough to lose it. Without a credible opponent, DeSaulnier should win in a landslide to take over a seat held by George Miller for 40-years. Voters never had a choice to vote for someone else.

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News media should stay out of political campaigns. So, with that said, ECT, take the responsibility to provide ONLY the news.

EastCountyToday Nov 4, 2014 - 9:35 pm

Agree to disagree… this was obviously an editorial piece.

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