World Record Breaker Master Chip Townsend to Visit Max Martial Arts

Master Chip breaking a record an ISKA event by destroying four baseball bats with one kick.

Max Martial Arts of Brentwood has announced that Master Chip Townsend will be visiting their facility on October 11.

Master Chip Townsend is a martial artist and an incredibly energizing and inspirational leader in the martial arts industry. Master Chip holds 14 ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) World Titles in Breaking. He has been featured on ESPN, the Discovery Channel, and NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Townsentwill be visiting Brentwood for a day of special seminars on October 11 only at Max Martial Arts, 390 W Country Club Dr, Suite D. The seminars will focus on teaching how to break boards and how to improve kicking. Interested parties can contact Max Martial Arts at [email protected] or 925-390-9097.

Townsend began his journey in martial arts at the age of 13 under the tutelage of Grand Master Lim. As a youngster, Chip was not a stranger to adversity. When he was 3 years old, a freak injury cost him his right eye. From that day forward, he faced life with a one-eyed perspective.  In his case, that perspective was one of perseverance, and a belief that his handicap was in fact, not a handicap. Townsend has not only persevered to black belt and beyond, he has become a leader and mentor in the martial arts industry.

More than a martial artist, Chip is also a successful businessman (winner of the Better Business Bureau’s prestigious Torch Award for Market Place Ethics), the Abilene Chamber of Commerce Business Salute winner, and martial arts school owner.  He is a sought after public speaker who devotes many hours to community service, and speaking to school age children.

Chip and his wife of 25 years, Glyn Ann, have three children.