With ICE Activity, Oakley School District Reinforces it’s Safe Haven Resolution


With the ICE activity in the Bay Area the last few days, Oakley Union Elementary School District Superintendent Greg Hetrick issued an updated letter declaring the District as a Safe Haven.

Hetrick explained due to events that have occurred since adoption of our resolution, he feels it is necessary to re-state our position and reaffirm to all of our families that “ALL” are important and we will continue to do all we can to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

“The Oakley Union Elementary School District has been, and will continue to be, strongly committed to working collaboratively with all families and we will not deviate from that cause,” said Hetrick.  “Our District Vision defines us and what we do as, “A diverse learning community committed to educating and empowering today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders in a safe and inclusive environment.”  Our vision serves as our compass and guides us in the work that we do each and every day.”

He added as a District they will do everything we can to provide a safe learning environment for all families.


  1. Was this sent home with all the kids? Just sent home to specific kids? Or just a seek and find it in the district web site? We didn’t get one from O’Hara and found it here.

  2. BS policies for 500.00 Alex.

    The answer is: Oakley elementary school district.

    “What school district is Un American, and suggests breaking the law?”

    Winner winner chicken dinner.

    Johnny, show them what they have won. OK Alex, it’s a 5 year stint at an sparsely furnished Federal Penitentiary. And as a departing gift, we will toss in a swift kick in the head and a few unscheduled visits from none other that Hillary Clinton.

  3. We welcome the ICE activity. The illegal immigrants need to go thru the naturalization process to become a US citizen.

    • So in your logic they shouldn’t even be able to take their kids to school? Ice is a shit hole of an agency, no respect for any human decency. Yes it is there jobs but some compassion won’t kill you.

      • We don’t have compassion for lawbreakers, but obviously you do! Then have them all move in with you and pay for their stay and education instead of forcing us taxpayers to foot that bill.

    • George, first — if they are illegal, then they are NOT immigrants. They are INVADERS! The “naturalization” process has to do with eventual acquisition of citizenship. First, they may become permanent residents (Green Card) and after 5 years, they can start applying for US citizenship. But before they can get a Green Card, they need to return to their country of origin and APPLY for immigration status and get in line behind those who have submitted the proper paperwork already.

  4. Follow the money. The School District gets paid per child. They could care less about legal or illegal. What a joke.

  5. Unless they are all armed to the hilt I don’t see how a sanctuary anything can protect anyone.

  6. This is total nonsense! The feds can waltz into any classroom or house or business anytime they want! Federal laws trump state laws! Is this school district trying to protect lawbreakers? What a great example for students to follow.

  7. Support the law. Illegal immigration is…illegal. Is it okay for the students to choose which rules to obey. You are setting a bad example, just because you believe it’s wrong. The rules are the rules, no breaks.

    • It totally fries me that our tax dollars are supporting these illegals attending our public schools. This is just plain wrong! Illegals send over $190 BILLION to their relatives outside the country. That money is NOT spent here!

  8. With over 60,000 foster children in California, not counting the homeless and abused children; I think there’s a lot more pressing issues especially when these circumstances aren’t the child’s fault just as in the immigration topic. Not everyone is here to do criminal acts, most are honest people who even pay taxes, live simple lives, and want better out of life. Don’t be fooled folks, a lot of this rhetoric is for you to have more fear of your neighbor rather than love and understanding. There’s much more waste, corruption, and crime at the top than ever will be down here.

  9. Is aiding and abetting a criminal still illegal in this country? If it is why are these officials not being arrested on this charge.

  10. I have the ICE phone number on speed dial! This Oakley “Superintendent” is aiding and abetting lawbreakers and should be arrested for helping to harbor them. We are a nation of laws and those laws must be enforced, like it or not!

  11. Administrators, elected officials just don’t understand that the citizens of this great state are not in favor of and do not support protecting those who are here illegally and breaking our laws. They just want the money they get paid for each kid they can fill up a classroom with. It is not now or ever has been about ensuring the safety of students. Every school should follow the laws of our country and not break them like those who are here illegally are doing. School District is setting a horrible example for our children who look to them for guidance and knowledge. It’s truly despicable and disgusting. I hope whoever voted in favor of this resolution will be held accountable for their criminal actions. We need to vote them all out!!

  12. Why doesn’t anyone care when corporations like Apple and Nestle rip off the citizenry? Oh that’s right, racism. Be hyprocrites and buy more apple even though they haven’t paid over $80 billion in taxes. Nestle steals water from California and sells it at exponential prices, but people buy 24 packs on the daily. Your immigrant neighbor isn’t the enemy folks, most are here for a better life. There’s much more money wasted, fraud, and corruption the higher up you go. Stop being distracted by the little man. Unless you’re a MIWOK here in the east bay, guess what? You’re an outsider, an illegal unwanted immigrant to the natives here.

  13. Love the hypocrisy on here. When immigrants seek a better life here (what the country was built on), they’re invaders. But when our military invades every single country with brown people, destroys entire city blocks, killing “terrorists” and innocent civilians; it’s called democracy. You racist pigs make me sick and embarrassed to be an American sometimes.

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