Voters May Get Say in Dividing California into 3 States


SAN MATEO, Calif. — For the first time in more than 150 years, Californians are poised for the unprecedented and historic opportunity to vote on a ballot measure to sensibly partition California into three states.

 Next week, CAL 3 will deliver to the California Legislature more than 600,000 signatures from Californians representing all 58 counties to ensure a November ballot measure to let Californians vote on the partition. That is nearly twice as much support as is required by state law to get an initiative on the ballot and the first time in modern state history that a partition has reached the preponderance of support required to be approved as a ballot measure.

“This is an unprecedented show of support on behalf of every corner of California to create three state governments that emphasize representation, responsiveness, reliability and regional identity,” CAL 3 chairman Tim Draper said.

CAL 3 is committed to solving California’s most pressing issues, including the state’s failing school systems that impact more than 6 million kids, highest-in-the-nation taxes, deteriorating infrastructure and strained government. Partitioning California into three states would empower regional communities to make better, fairer and more sensible decisions for their citizens.

After CAL 3 delivers the support of more than 600,000 citizens to the Secretary of State and the signatures are properly vetted and approved, the initiative will be slotted for inclusion on the ballot in November, giving everyone in California a chance to be heard. After the measure is approved by voters, the Governor will transfer notice of state approval to Congress, which will vote to ratify the creation of the new three-state structure.

“The unanimous support for CAL 3 from all 58 of California’s counties to reach this unprecedented milestone in the legislative process is the signal that across California, we are united behind CAL 3 to create a brighter future for everyone,” Draper said.

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  1. I’m in as long as Jerry Brown , Beccera, and Finestein , go south. They can be next to the border to welcome people to their new state.

  2. Dividing CA into three states is asinine. We’ll still have the same problems – times three. You have to fix what’s going on, not divide by three.

  3. Then there will be 3 governors, 3 senates, 3 assemblies, 3 state capitals, and I can’t even guess how many state agencies for each new state. Someone has to pay for all that. So who thinks their taxes will go down?

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