Video: Tom Hansen Sworn in as Brentwood Police Chief


On Thursday, Tom Hansen was sworn in as the City of Brentwood Chief of Police.

Hansen has been in the acting capacity as Chief of Police since April 2017 and has done an outstanding job. He has worked for the City of Brentwood for over 22 years, as Police Officer starting in 1995, promoted to Sergeant in 1999, to Lieutenant in 2006 and to Captain in 2012.

Hansen holds degrees in Criminal Justice (Bachelor of Science) and Emergency Services Administration (Master of Science).


In the video:

  • Comments from Mayor Bob Taylor
  • Comments from City Manager Gus Vina
  • Comments from retired police chief Mark Evenson
  • Comments from retired police chief Mark Davies
  • Comments from retired police chief Larry Shaw
  • Clip of Chief Hansen being sworn in
  • 7:28 minute mark – Chief Hansen speech begins