Updated: Oakley Police Say Dispute Between Brothers Led to Murder-Suicide


At 8:27 am Thursday, the Oakley Police Department were dispatched to Bridgehead Road at Sandy Point 3 in the City of Oakley.

According to preliminary information, two people are dead and they are investigating whether this was a murder or a murder-suicide.

Police and fire responded to the incident where there was a report of a subject bleeding from the head and police had guns drawn. A short time later one person was confirmed dead and CPR in progress. By 8:45 am, both subjects were dead according to police.

Update 10:00 am
It appears the suspects are known to one another, possibly related. No outstanding suspects at this time per Oakley Police who did not elaborate further.

Multiple gunshots were fired at the scene by the subjects involved including one subject with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest while another subject was inside dead.

This is the first homicide of 2018 for the City of Oakley.

Update 11:14 am per Oakley PD:

This morning at approximately 8:25, we began receiving calls of a suspicious circumstance in the 5700 block of Bridgehead Rd. Upon arrival, our officers located a male subject down in the parking lot bleeding. A second subject was located in a nearby trailer. Both subjects appeared to be suffering from gunshot wounds. Our investigators are interviewing neighbors and other witnesses, the Sheriffs Crime Lab has been requested to assist with processing the scene. At this point, we do not believe there are additional suspects at large, we have not identified the involved parties.

Investigations of this type can be complex and very dynamic. We will update as more information becomes available.

Update 2:00 pm per Oakley PD

Earlier this morning, we reported that our officers were responding to a shooting at the Sandy Cove Mobile Home Park on Bridgehead Road. Our investigators have been working on the case all day.

We have determined that the involved parties are two adult males who are brothers. We have developed information that the two brothers have been involved in a long standing dispute over real estate transactions and finances. A dispute ensued between the two men at the trailer park. One of the brothers sustained multiple gunshot wounds, he died at the scene in front of the trailer. The second brother sustained what we believe to be a self inflicted gunshot wound, he also died at the scene.

All indications are that this is a murder suicide, there are no outstanding suspects.

We are working with the families of both parties in this case as we continue with our investigation. We are not identifying the involved parties at this time. Our investigation is continuing, we will update with further details later today or tomorrow morning.

Friday Update:

The Oakley Police Department identified the two individuals involved in Thursdays incident. The two deceased men were identified as Jesus Tellez, 47 of Antioch and Martin Tellez, 51 of Oakley.




  1. ECT, what exactly is the difference between a murder and a murder homicide. 🙂 Anyway, on a serious note, this sucks, no matter what the circumstance is!

    • Murder = a person kills someone.

      Suicide = a person killed themselves

      Murder/Suicide = a person kills someone and then kills themselves.

  2. Homicide is simply the killing of one person by another. It may or may not be illegal. Soldiers in battle commit homicide without committing a crime. Citizens kill intruders without committing a crime. So, what is it that separates a legal homicide from an illegal murder? And, what makes one killing a murder and another a manslaughter?

    Murder is a homicide committed with “malice aforethought.” That doesn’t mean it is a malicious killing. Malice aforethought is the common law way of saying that it is an unjustified killing. And, for a killing to be a murder, there typically has to be either an intent to kill, or, at minimum, conduct so reckless that it is punishable as murder.

  3. I think it’s a typo? Murder or murder suicide probably. If there is a difference I’d like to know too. Looks like Antioch crime down 40 percent is movin into an Oakley crime increase lately. Not good.

  4. Maybe they meant to say murder-suicide. Noticed when we went to McDonald’s drive-thru at 0900 hours. Very tragic.

  5. When will America progress past this gun fetish? Over 200 years have passed since our Declaration was written, yet we still abide by the same laws. They amended the part where blacks were seen as only 3/5 of a man, but yet everything else is kosher?

    • Jane, you need to study the history of America. You probably didn’t pay attention in School. The right to bear arms is derived from several attempts to take away the ability of the public to defend our republic. The British at one time took away our guns. Fortunately our forefathers were able to regain them and create the rights and life YOU do enjoy. Secondly, why do you think wars are not fought in America? Well, I would confidently say it’s because Americans are armed. So, if people want to lessen shooting trageties go to your Governor and tell him to reopen mental hospitals that were closed, stop immigrants who have not been pre checked, and jail not slap their hands on felons that are caught with firearms. It’s not rocket science. We have been America for a couple hundred years. Only recently have our leaders failed to enforce our in place laws. Gavin , reopen mental hospitals and protect our borders from unknowns.

      • So you really think you’re well equipped if the military knocked on your door and tried to take them? You’re living in a fantasy sir, this isn’t 1778 anymore. Wars aren’t fought in many countries around the world and has absolutely ZERO to do with their stance on gun rights. You sound like a conspiracy theorist nut. Now go do your drills in your backyard with your drinking buddies, I mean, “militia”.

  6. Spoken like a true Militant Feminazi, who is still bitter Hillary losing! History repeats itself, governments turn on their people. Screaming at the top of your lungs wearing a vagina hat is a good strategy for you Jane.

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  7. FYI, “thoughts and prayers” don’t help bring any change or comfort. Just like the cliché, “sorry for your loss”. Be honest with people grieving as if no ones watching. It’s death/died/dead, not a “loss” or “passing”. Funny how republicans want to make fun of how soft “snowflakes” are, yet they’re the most afraid of death and all succumb to this nonsense.

  8. I live there since I was a baby and this has never happened and pls have respect to the people that died because you probably don’t have no Idea how painful this must be for the family. Their my neighbors and it’s sad to know that the dad of 3 kids died and this is going to scar the kids for life so pls stop spreading negativity. What we need is peaceful in this world. We don’t need anymore guns we need to stop violence. It’s not what god wants and it’s not a good things. There was a stupid reason for this, and there was especially no reason for someone to die. I have all my prayers to the family of them. Jehovah will be with them.

  9. People need to stop blaming guns. If a crazed, mental or angered person is wanting to harm someone for whatever reason, and can’t use a gun, they will find any means to harm or kill someone. They’ll use a knife, baseball bat, bomb, poison, even their own hands. Btw, people kill people with alcohol every day…called “DUI”. Should we take away cars and alcohol?? It’s people’s mental state and also being raised to not respect and have empathy or compassion for others. They also haven’t learned to control their anger. Let’s address the real issues…not a blanket statement of “get rid of guns”.

    • @IMO, go to your local community college and take an intro psychology course, or do some simple research on mental illness. You sound like your education stopped in the 6th grade.

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