Updated: Five Injured in Bailey Road Crash in Pittsburg, Two Arrested


At 10:15 pm Saturday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters responded to Bailey Road and San Marcos for a report of a vehicle crash.

According to initial reports, a Ford Mustang and truck were involved in a two-vehicle crash.

In total, there was four patients with three patients being “trauma” activated with four AMR units were requested.

Although not confirmed by CHP at this time, the crash was possibility related to a “sideshow”. Crews are currently on scene transporting patients and working the crash with at least two patients being transported to John Muir Medical Center.

Currently, Bailey Road is shut down on bot the Concord Side and the Pittsburg side.

Update –  By 10:46 pm, Contra Costa Fire requested a fifth patient had been located and requested its 5th AMR unit to the scene.

Updated per CHP:


Last night, 10/7/2017 at about 9:38pm, Contra Costa CHP Officers came upon a large sideshow, in excess of 50 vehicles including several U-Haul vehicles, at the intersection of Somersville Road and Delta Fair Blvd in Antioch. CHP broadcasted the sideshow information to local authorities and began to disperse the vehicles. As they were doing so, a patrol vehicle was struck by a bottle. As other CHP units responded to the area, the vehicles of the sideshow began to clear the scene and travel westbound onto Delta Fair Blvd.

A CHP Air-Ops Unit responded quickly to the area overhead and began to broadcast the location and movement of the vehicles involved in the sideshow. Then the Air-Ops Unit broadcasted a group of 100 vehicles were involved in a sideshow at Railroad Avenue and Buchanan Road in Pittsburg. The Air-Ops Unit advised they were focusing on one vehicle (grey 2008 Pontiac G8) that was driving recklessly and spinning “donuts” in the middle of the sideshow and intersection. As the Pontiac left the sideshow, the Air-Ops unit followed it and directed CHP ground units to its location. CHP Officers located the Pontiac and stopped it.

Ultimately Officers arrested the driver (Luis Antonio Cabriales (25yr old male from Antioch) for reckless driving, participating in a speed contest/sideshow, and a suspended Drivers License. His passenger (Jonathan Rodriguez Cabrales, 23yr old male from Rodeo) was also arrested and charged with aiding and abetting in the speed contest/sideshow. The Pontiac was also impounded for a 30-Day hold.

As the above arrest was occurring, at about 10:06pm, a CHP unit located a red Ford Mustang convertible in the area of Bailey Road and Concord Blvd that had been involved in the sideshow. The Mustang failed to yield and fled from the CHP unit, driving in a reckless manner and at high speeds. Due to the Mustang’s reckless manner of driving, CHP discontinued following it, and the Mustang sped away on northbound Bailey Road toward Pittsburg. Just over 6 minutes later, the CHP Air-Ops unit was overhead of Bailey Road attempting to find the Mustang and found that the Mustang had been involved in a head-on crash with a U-Haul pickup.

As Officers arrived to the collision scene, they determined it to be major injury collision with multiple parties sustaining major injuries, including several juveniles. Officers also confirmed that both the Mustang and U-Haul had both been at the original sideshow in Antioch. Based on witness statements and physical evidence at the collision scene, the initial investigation has determined that the U-Haul pickup had been traveling southbound on Bailey Road and was passing several vehicles over the solid double yellow lines approaching the crest of the hill. In the opposite direction, the Mustang was travelling northbound on Bailey Road, north of Myrtle Drive, and as it was approaching the crest of the hill, it collided head on into the U-Haul truck.

Three minors under the age of 18 from Antioch were transported to a local hospital with major injuries, one of which was in critical condition. The driver of the U-Haul (22yr old male from Tracy) sustained major injuries and his passenger (23yr old female from Tracy) sustained minor injuries and were also both transported to a local hospital. Both the Mustang and U-Haul were impounded for evidence.

Alcohol and/or drugs do not appear to be a factor in this collision but this is an ongoing and continuing investigation. Anyone that witnessed this incident or the events just prior to the collision is encouraged to contact Contra Costa CHP in Martinez at (925) 646-4980. Thank you.

Although this incident and the parties involved in it is tragic,…it is 100% preventable and can be prevented with better driving behaviors. CHP advises all motorists to please drive within the speed limit, do not participate in speed contests or sideshows, and obey all traffic laws.

Here is the CHP Log:

Detail Information
10:19 PM 15 [31] C19-404C ALL LNS SHUT DOWN
10:18 PM 14 [30] C19-404C ONE VEH IS RED FORD MUST W/PPLTS
10:17 PM 13 [29] 1039 1141 – COPIES C3
10:17 PM 12 [22] 1039 1141 [Shared]
10:17 PM 11 [27] [Appended, 22:17:25] [5] 1039 TRF TO COCO SO
10:16 PM 10 [10] C19-404C 3 VEH 1141 C3 FOR 4 INJURIED PARTIES
10:16 PM 9 [9] [Notification] [CHP]-1039 COCO FIRE FOR 1141
10:15 PM 8 [16] [Appended, 22:17:17] [4] VEH PASSING ON RHS
10:15 PM 7 [8] GG-A31 VEH IS MUSTAND
10:15 PM 6 [7] GG-A31 1 TK AND 1 VEH
10:15 PM 5 [15] [Appended, 22:17:17] [3] POSS INJ IN BOTH VEH
10:15 PM 4 [6] GG-A31 PULLING PPL OO VEH
10:15 PM 3 [14] [Appended, 22:17:17] [2] BOTH SIDE OF RDWY BLKD
10:14 PM 2 [24] [Appended, 22:17:25] [2] BLOCKING
10:14 PM 1 [23] [Appended, 22:17:25] [1] 2VEHS TC