Updated: 1 Dead, 2 Others Injured in Tuesday Morning Vehicle Crash in Oakley


A female was killed in a two vehicle crash with another male victim in critical condition and a third patient who sustained major injuries in the City of Oakley.

The crashed occurred at 5:11 am Tuesday at the intersection of Laurel Road and O’Hara Ave when a vehicle traveling in the eastbound direction struck another vehicle traveling northbound on O’Hara leaving one vehicle in a field after it rolled over. The female was also ejected from a vehicle.

According to East Contra Costa Fire Protection District, AMR approached the crash scene while transporting a patient from an unrelated call when they located a female laying in the roadway covered in blood and requested additional resources.

ECCFPD firefighters responded to the scene where one patient was airlifted and two others transported by ground ambulance with major injuries.

According to Oakley Police Sgt. Robert Roberts, one of the vehicles was a stolen vehicle out of the State of Wyoming which also had a stolen California license plate on it. No Oakley Police officers were in pursuit of the vehicle, however, it was traveling at a high rate of speed at the time when the crash occurred.

Oakley Police were still on scene investigating and no other information was released. The incident also knocked out Comast to most of Oakley.

Sgt. Roberts said a male patient is still in critical condition and did not have an update while a third patient suffered a head injury, but was expected to recover.


Update to Fatal Collision

On April 17th, 2018 at approximately 5:10 am, our officers responded to a major injury collision at the intersection of Laurel Rd and O’Hara Ave. Upon arrival, our staff discovered two vehicles with major damage, a Honda Civic and a Chevy SUV. The adult male driver of the Honda Civic and his adult female passenger sustained major injuries. The driver of the SUV was injured as well, but to a lesser extent.

The driver of the SUV was transported to Kaiser in Antioch where he was treated and released. The occupants of the Honda were ultimately transported to John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek. The adult female died as a result of her injuries. The male subject is still in critical condition. Both subjects are from out of state.

The preliminary investigation has determined the Honda was traveling north on O’Hara Ave. As the vehicle approached the intersection of Laurel Rd, it moved into the southbound traffic lanes of O’Hara Ave, passing stopped traffic. The Honda entered the intersection against the red light traveling north in the southbound lanes of O’Hara Ave and it collided with the SUV in the intersection. The SUV was traveling east on Laurel Rd.

The driver of the Honda has been identified as Jerome Dunks a 37 year-old male. His last known address was in Casper, Wyoming at a minimum security detention facility. At the time of the collision, Mr. Dunks had a warrant for his arrest for leaving the facility in Wyoming. The Honda was reported as stolen out of Wyoming.

The female passenger has been identified as Erica Pearce a 34 year-old female from Montana. Ms. Pearce’s last known address was a minimum security detention facility in Missoula, Montana. At the time of her death, Ms. Pearce had a warrant for her arrest for leaving the detention facility.

It is unclear what the relationship between Mr. Dunks and Ms. Pearce was or how they met. Both subjects walked away from their respective detention facilities approximately 10 days ago.

We have waited to present all of this information until next-of-kin of the deceased could be notified.


  1. Laurel is a speedway with many idiot drivers. This should be a gold mine for OPD traffic enforcement. They need to cover it more in order to get the traffic under control.

  2. People always drive at a high speed on Laurel. Specially from Brown Rd to Main St, cars drive at above the speed limit, when it is 35mph from Brown Rd to O’Hara Ave, and from there it’s 25mph because there’s a crosswalk to go to the laurel fields and park. But people don’t care and they drive above 40mph and I rarely see any police around.

      • Did I say that it could cause any accidents?? Can you read? And if you’re one of those people that drive 5 or 10 mph above the speed limit and says “oh is just 5 miles above and think that’s ok” then you’re part of the problem.

  3. Here we go with the whole not wearing seat belts again. Pure stupidity. Poor woman would still be alive.

  4. I drive on Laurel Rd. towards highway 4 everyday on my way to work. I avoid at least 1 accident per day from people speeding down Laurel from Rose Ave like it’s Laguna Seca raceway. The speed limit after Laurel Elementary slowly increases from 25 to 35 then to 40 before approaching Empire and it sickens me that people fly past me if I was to guess doing at least 55 mph. I notice sometimes there will be 1 motorcycle cop with a radar gun on Laurel past the school but, if Oakley PD would patrol the entire street starting at Rose all the way down to the Hwy 4 on ramp, I have no doubt they would reach their maximum ticket quota for the day before 8am and prevent accidents daily and possible casualties.

  5. I noticed when the police post themselves at the church on laurel people slow down or get busted. When they had been showing a concistant presents in that location folks slowed down. the police need to post out in front on the road show they are aware of the problem. I see people every day race to west bound 4 like friggin idiots. Hey a little advice you asswipes leave on time get your head out of your back side. guess what the world has other people trying to get to where need also not just you. Be kind dick heads you are not the only person in the world.

  6. I feel for the families …. people speed every where there’s not enough police officers 👮‍♀️ to cover all the areas that are needed . People need to obey the laws period .

  7. I always see a police officer dog pounding on laurel, but my question is, why do we need an officer to tell us to drive safely?? People should know that there are children around a lot of the time. It’s a school zone. Also when caught, we all know the ticket is very expensive, not to mention insurance going up. My sympathy for the families. Lesson learn, drive safely and come home alive!!!!

  8. This is a dangerous intersection, people run the red light regularly. Drivers are speeding from Main Street to HWY 4. I’ve noticed the increased police presence (traffic) around town. More attention should be paid to this intersection. My condolences to the family of the deceased.

  9. Jerome may have made mistakes in life. It in no way is a license or excuse to endanger the lives of others. The penalty of a life a price no human can fathom. But he was my friend. No matter his tragressions I will miss him every day. I hope they find peace in the clouds they couldn’t cultivate on earth. I hope people who act recklessly in that community will take note of this. It could be anyone at any time. I’m sorry this happened near your homes. I just wanted to say something. I found out today that two of our friends are passed. They never had the opportunity to assume the rules we knew they were capable of. If nothing else this serves as an example that time is not limitless. Just as mortality is just as fragile.

  10. The problem is us: never wanting to slow down or be courteous. Oakley officers write hundreds of tickets a year on Laurel. They are doing their job. We aren’t.

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