Update: Sheriffs Office Provides New Information on Officer Involved Shooting of Discovery Bay Man

Press Release


The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff and the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office are continuing to investigate an officer involved shooting per the county’s law enforcement involved fatal incident protocol.

The suspect has been officially identified as 41-year-old Paul Ridgeway of Discovery Bay. The autopsy took place this morning. The cause of death is listed as gunshot wounds. Toxicology tests will also be conducted.

The Crime Lab of the Forensic Services Division yesterday processed the scene. Ridgeway was face down on the ground and when technicians turned him over, they found a loaded gun with his finger on the trigger. A extended gun magazine was also found in his pocket. An expended bullet casing likely fired from that gun was found near him.

The Deputy Sheriff involved in this incident is Matthew Gauthier. He has been with the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office for over eight years. His current assignment is in patrol. He is currently on paid administrative leave.

Yesterday morning at about 9:03, two Deputy Sheriffs handled a detail on Adelaide Drive in Pacheco. They cleared the call at about 9:31. As Deputy Gauthier left the area, he noticed Ridgeway, who had an outstanding warrant, on foot in the area of Adelaide Drive and Pacheco Boulevard. Deputy Gauthier went to contact Ridgeway. Ridgeway kept reaching into his waistband and ran away leading to a foot pursuit. Deputy Gauthier attempted to physically control Ridgeway, giving numerous verbal commands to show his hands. A struggle ensued with Ridgeway pulling out a firearm from his waistband. He fired one shot toward Deputy Gauthier’s head. Deputy Gauthier returned fire, shooting Ridgeway. The Fire Department and an ambulance responded to the location. Ridgeway was later pronounced deceased at the scene.

Ridgeway had a no-bail warrant for evading and resisting arrest from another county. He had extensive prior contacts with law enforcement that include drug possession, multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of dangerous weapons, felon in possession of a firearm, stolen vehicle possession, obstruction, possession of burglary tools and parole violation. Ridgeway was validated as a member of the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM) and an associate of the Nazi Low Riders, both of which are white supremacist prison and street gangs.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information on this incident is asked to contact the Office of the Sheriff Investigation Division at (925) 313-2600. For any tips, please email: [email protected] or call 866-846-3592 to leave an anonymous voice message.


  1. Just glad the officers are ok and the piece of trash has been disposed of!

    • That was my friend and homie keep your nasty comments to yourself he wasnt a pos have a heart he was a good person how dare you

  2. “Ridgeway was validated as a member of the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM) and an associate of the Nazi Low Riders”

    Let’s go Nick, can’t say anything about his race with this criminal right? Melanie? Dawn? Lola? You guys must be having a nervous breakdown since like Trump you think these white supremacist terrorists are “good people”.

    • We have the First Amendment which gives us freedom of speech and association. Luckily, there is no law prohibiting it, yet. Do you feel the same way about BLM and antifa? Are you a big fan of that bunch, Dmitri? I don’t see you blasting them! What’s wrong with being proud of your own race, especially if that race has contributed to much to our society in terms of inventions, medicine, chemistry, music, etc.

  3. Dmitri needs to stay on his meds. Provide as proof any statement made by Trump that he thinks white supremacist terrorists are “good people”.

  4. This article is horrible why don’t they ever say anything positive about the person who was just killed. He was someone’s son and brother and best friend. Just because he made a few bad choices in his life doesn’t mean he was a bad person and it sure doesn’t mean he deserves to die. This man was a good hearted person who was an amazing author of children’s books. He was trying so hard to turn his life around. He was a loyal caring person. When I seen the news article and how he was treated I was speechless. I can’t believe it’s OK to treat any person who has passed away like they did. Leaving his body on the ground for hours. And they didn’t even get the information correct. He was shot in his back. If he was pointing a weapon at the officers how was it that he was shot in his back. The article even states he was face down. The guy is gone and everyone just wants to keep bashing him. Why are people so cold hearted everyone makes mistakes and not everyone is perfect but nobody deserves to die like that and then to just be left there like trash in the street. That is outrageous.

  5. For anyone to comment on this, not knowing who and what they are talking about makes me sick. First of all the police shot and killed a man. They sure seem to be getting away with a lot of that. As a matter of fact in that area there have been a few police shooting to kill incidences with in the last couple years. Before you go passing judgements you might want to ask yourself a few questions. Like what if you were walking to your car and a policeman ran up on you and it startled you? Would they shoot you? Maybe, that’s what seems to be the protocol. What if your child was out a little past curfew and police “think they look suspicious”? Are they gonna run and tackle your child and shoot him or dead just because they thought it looked suspicious? What if you have had a bad day and your attitude just isn’t swell and your car breaks down, your kicking the tire while waiting for AAA. That looks aggressive ! Let’s shoot em. The police are getting away this shit when they do more dirt on a daily basis than most of their victims combined.

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