Update: Off-Duty County Deputy Shoots Man After Road Rage Incident in Antioch


At 10:00 pm Tuesday, Antioch Police responded to a report of a shooting that occurred in the 4100 block of Lone Tree Way that left one man injured.

Upon arrival, officers located an off-duty officer from another law enforcement agency standing near a vehicle with a female. The victim of the shooting left the scene and was later located on Bluejay Drive off Barmouth Dr.

The victim was shot in the arm and was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment.

Update per Antioch Police (Sept. 13 at 5:53am)

On 9/12/17, the Antioch Police responded to the call of a road rage incident that ended in a shooting at Lone Tree Way and Country Hills Drive by an off-duty out of county deputy.

Initially, a female victim called the Antioch Police to report a road rage incident. The incident started on Delta Fair Boulevard and culminated near the 4200 block of Lone Tree Way.

According to Sergeant John Fortner, during the incident, the suspect vehicle chased the victim’s vehicle a short distance through the city while repeatedly colliding into the victim’s vehicle. Once both vehicles came to a stop, the suspect exited his vehicle armed with a tire jack. The male driver of the victim vehicle fired a pistol at the suspect striking him one time. The victims of the road rage waited for police to respond while the suspect fled the area.

“During the investigation, officers were able to determine that this crime was domestic in nature,” said Fortner.

The investigation led officers to a different location in the city where the injured suspect was contacted. The suspect was transported to a local area hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot injury. Afterwards, the suspect was booked into the county jail on several felony charges.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Antioch Police Department non emergency line at (925)778-2441. You may also text-a-tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using the key word ANTIOCH.



    • Gary, like when locals from another country we invade fire back? Oh wait, we’re just giving them democracy by force huh? Silly me…

  1. Dimitri, that is such an uneducated over-simplified and untrue statement of our foreign policy. I suppose you don’t mind if we have more of our high rise buildings with thousands of occupants struck by airplanes and collapsed. In regards to democracy, maybe you are one of those that prefers socialism. If so, move to Venezuela. Or maybe you haven’t heard how well it’s working out there.

    • Socialism is an economic policy, democracy is not. What does Venezuela have to do with anything Joe? How does what happened with the twin towers justify killing of innocent civilians overseas who had nothing to do with it? The first 9/11 was in 1973. Led to the assassination of a countries president, merciless killing and torture of thousands, and imprisonment of tens of thousands (Chile for the lazy).
      I remember talking to a WWII vet who cried as he said ,”it’s the saddest thing when world leaders of opposing countries could meet in a conference room while the men on the ground killed each other”. All military are fighting for rich men and corporate interests who get to dodge that responsibility.

      • Dmitri – Now that I have seen Mr. Gilbert’s response, you’re a waste of time. But once again, you oversimplified things. Do you think Hitler would have stopped in Europe if the US and its allies had not beat him? Pure fantasy. Good luck Dmitri.

    • Hi Joe:

      By his responses on various topics it’s very sad but it appears Dimitri never has anything positive to say about the United States so one can only wonder why he chooses to live in our country.

      Sometimes it’s just not wise to engage individuals with his way of thinking.

  2. Scumbag girl was cheating with the pig and he knew about out it when confronted pulls gun a shoots. News making it sound like a road rage? Wouldn’t you think the cop would call it in? No shot someone and then realized he fucked up now trying to cover his ass. #FTP

  3. hell yea bob i know the guy who was shot girl pulled some shit on the dude that cop was lucky my friend did not have his pistol since he is legal to carry i hope he gets the charges dropped ….why didint the cop call for help since he was off duty

  4. Bizarre comments. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Who invented internet comments – Al Gore?

  5. what the f are you talking about dmitri it was a white man that was shot a friend of mine who unfortunately is involved with a bitch that plays games with a mans head and that punk ass off duty deputy who if he was a true victim why did he not call for help since the shit started from one side of town and ended in the other side of town……

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