Update: Firefighters Knock Down 2-Alarm Vegetation Fire in Pittsburg

Photo by Mark Kiernan

At 5:37 pm Wednesday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters responded to a report of a vegetation fire in the 2700 block of Pittsburg-Antioch Highway in the City of Pittsburg.

The incident caused the roadway to be shut down because of low viability near Loveridge Road and Arcy Lane.

A second-alarm response was requested after several structures were threatened along the roadway including a junkyard.

It was reported at least one firefighter was injured for a hand injury, but later determined to be minor and returned to the incident.

At 6:49 pm, Contra Costa County issued an advisory:

This message is from the Contra Costa County Health Services and the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District. This is a public health advisory for Antioch near the Pittsburg Antioch Highway. Due to a fire at an auto wrecker facility, people with respiratory sensitivities may be affected. Most people will not be affected. Eye, skin, nose or throat irritation may be possible for some people in the affected area. If people experience any irritation, advise them to go inside and rinse any irritated area of their body with water. Handle this as advisory information only.

By 7:28, Contra Costa County Fire reported the fire has been knocked down, however, lots of smoke in the area remains. They also moved incident command to Century Blvd and Century Way.

Will update when more details are released.


  1. How in hell did this “vegetation” fire start? Is it due to all the dry weeds along that highway that the city hasn’t cleared out? We have had very strong winds and no moisture. I see 4 foot high dry weeds in the front yards of neighborhoods which the residents have not cleared out. A total fire hazard!

    • Cities need to make all homeowners and property owners liable, just start fining people. The warning and slap on the wrist system doesnt work, make the pay if the dont maintain their yards and property from these fire hazards. Seeclickfix is a good website to use to report thses things.

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