Update: Discovery Bay Residential Fire Estimated at $1 Million Loss



Yesterday’s fire that began at 8:53 am on Greenfield Court in Discovery Bay had an estimated total loss of $1 million dollars as the structure and interior were a total loss according to ECCFPD.


The incident required a total of 17-fire personnel which included Engine 59, 54, 94, 52, and 93. ECCFPD Chief Hugh Henderson and Battalion Chief Jeff Burris assumed command of the incident while AMR was also on scene in case of injuries.

Response times per engine company

  • Engine 59- 7:04
  • Engine 54-11:03
  • Engine 52-12:49
  • Engine 94-16:40
  • Engine 93-19:35



All Photos from yesterdays incident can be viewed here

The incident was reported as a vehicle fire in the garage that quickly spread to the attic. Since crews arrived when the fire reached the attic, it handicapped their ability to save the structure as it prevented them from going on the roof due t potential structural collapse of the light weight building construction.

Due to the significant compromise of the roof, an interior fire attack was stopped after fire crews made an initial entry the home, they were quickly pulled out.  Firefighters then attacked the fire from the exterior including using a deck gun from Engine 59 to knock down the fire and prevent it from spreading to neighboring homes.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation from Contra Cost County Fire Investigation unit. Crews ultimately cleared the scene by 3:30 pm.

Engine 1666 from Cal fire was moved into the Balfour station and responded to two medicals (one in Discovery Bay and one in Brentwood) while the other units were committed. Contra Costa Fire responded auto aid two times into the district (one in Oakley and one in Bethel island) while our resources were committed.

All Photos from yesterdays incident can be viewed here


  1. $200 or $75 revenue enhancement is a lot cheaper than losing your home. I am sorry for the homeowners loss but glad to see the firefighters saved the two neighboring homes.

    • Really? So Rob your theory is if you had just paid more money to the fire district fires would be non existent. You probably think by signing up to Obamacare you will never get sick.

  2. Brian,
    A better question might be where are you coming up with your speculation. Small 1800 sq ft Hofmann built homes in Discovery Bay sell for 700-800k. This home in the country club could easily fetch 800-900k. Throw in 2 vehicle and contents of the house and you are EASILY past a million bucks. Obviously you are not from around here.

  3. To be fair to Brian, the market value of a house is different, because the land has value. Replacement cost varies from a home’s value. Contents can run up a damage amount as people usually have significant coverage for loss of belongings, and people often replace with the best because insurance is paying for it. If one was to add up “the loss” to an insurance company, it can get UP there due loss of use costs, replacement of structure costs, and contents.

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