Updated: 2 Dead, 4 Injured in Vehicle Crash on Lone Tree Way in Antioch


At 9:04 pm Friday, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District was dispatched to a report of a single vehicle crash on Lone Tree Way in Antioch near Hillcrest where a vehicle struck a tree.

The incident resulted at least two people confirmed dead on scene with another four sustaining injuries–all were juveniles–after the vehicle wrapped around a tree. Two juveniles are in critical condition.

According to police, the vehicle had just left a basketball game at Deer Valley High School.

The roadway is expected to be closed for several hours in both directions. No further information was provide on scene.

Antioch Police Update:

On 1-11-19 at approximately 9:00 pm, Antioch Police Department Officers were dispatched to Lone Tree Way and Indian Hill Drive regarding a solo vehicle colliding into a tree. Upon arriving on scene Officers located the vehicle on the south sidewalk of Lone Tree Way with extensive damage.

Officers found (1) passenger had been ejected from the vehicle and (5) others occupants still trapped inside, which required the assistance of the Contra Costa Consolidated Fire Department to extricate them all. (4) of the vehicle’s occupants were transported by AMR Ambulance to local trauma centers all suffering moderate to life threatening injuries and (2) were pronounced deceased at the collision scene.

1-dead (17-year-old female)
(2) 17yr-Female Passengers,
(1) 16 yr- Male Passenger,
(2) 13yr old Female Passengers

The preliminary investigation appears to indicate excessive speed on the wet roadway as the most likely cause in this collision at this time.

WARNING – some of the images may appear graphic. Use caution when scrolling down!!!!










  1. Wet roadways or not this preventable tragedy was avoidable. It happens to be young kids driving erratically and lost control. Very sad very tragic for all families and friends related to these kids. Prayers.

    • You do know that right now someone’s CHILDREN JUST DIED and your little snarky comment is unwarranted if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything! The roadways are slippery and this happened not even a block away from Deer valley something went wrong for that to happen

      • This is beyond tragic! You have two dead and 4 in critical condition! Some may not survive!

        Where were the parents of these kids? Don’t they check first to see what kind of situations their kids might get themselves into? Whom are they riding with? It’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure their children do not wind up in a dangerous, life-threatening situation like this one!

        The 17 year old was driving ILLEGALLY and caused an awful tragedy! The law plainly states that a minor driver cannot have passengers until they reach the age of majority!

  2. Breaks my heart. My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of these young people, Tragic. 🙁

  3. Its scary to think I have teens driving. However, they are not allowed to carry any minors until the age of 18, I thought this was a CA law? My sincere sympathy to the families of all minors involved. This is heartbreaking.

    • That IS the California law! Some adult should have monitored the situation to make sure the underage driver didn’t have any passengers.

  4. Vince Augusta,
    My wife was just saying how when this happened to her as a young girl in high school at Nevada Union in Grass Valley, they drug that car to the school and made EVERY last student walk by and hear the story about how these young kids had died for NO REASON! It was a sobering way to instill fear into those kids. GREAT JOB Mike Burkhalter! Keep up the good work. If someone is offended, it is only because you choose to ignore reality, but that doesn’t change reality. If someone wants to do something about this, legislate that those under 21 cannot drive anything over 95 hp. That will slow them down (and just maybe save some innocent lives).

    • Bob Sherwood, I hear what you are saying and agree. Believe me I was shoulder deep in this reality for 23 years as a cop, I retired from Antioch PD in August 2013. I guess Mike put you up to this. The only thing I thought, my opinion, was posting the entire extrication video was a little on the “class less” side of things, perhaps a little too early — the picture of the car wrapped around the tree tells the story better than the extrication video. If you lost a family member and was just notified or haven’t been notified yet, would you want this video and/or photos broadcasted to the entire world ? I hope you wouldn’t agree it was done in good taste. I posted that Mike has every right to post on his site but he needs to realize what he might post could possibly be “premature”. If the proper notifications were done before he posted this stuff that is fine, but he should write in his article the family members were notified of what happened — removing any doubt that he took advantage of the situation to be first on scene to report on it. High school seniors watch a live presentation about a DUI fatal crash every year in the form of “Every 15 Minutes”. Mike removed my original post. He will probably remove this reply.

      • I don’t like ANYTHING removed when people post their thoughts. That is CENSORSHIP and that’s just plain wrong! This is the reason I refuse to post on this site. The guy who runs this site appears to be on some sort of power trip! Ridiculous!

        • Yes, Jay! Censorship reminds me of how things were routinely done in the SOVIET UNION. I thought we were better than that here. Apparently, we are not! I abhor censorship of any kinds. Had enough of it in Russia.

  5. Bob Sherwood you are absolutely correct. Parents need to keep reminding their teen kids over and over again about driving safe ALL the time everyday before they leave the house.

  6. It is a very sad to see this tragedy these are all young kids and is very heartbreaking for me to read the article on it but it wasn’t only the wet roads that have caused us it was the driver was not only not doing the speed limit but hauling ass I personally don’t think that that vehicle look like that at 40 miles an hour that’s a least 60 65 70 miles per hour I’m praying for all the families that are involved in this tragic event

    • I was absolutely devastated by this. I extend my deepest sympathies and condolences to the parents! That vehicle looked like an accordion …….. the damage was beyond description. Cars are now made so flimsily. Like aluminum cans. This is why I collect “muscle” cars and that’s what my kids will eventually drive. I have kids ranging in ages from 9 to 17 and they will not be driving anything UNTIL they reach age 18, and they know it! They know that what is mine is mine and what is theirs is mine! No discussion!

  7. I pray for the families of the two teens that died in this tragic accident and to the passengers that were injured. Parent’s worse nightmare! I have three kids (two in their early 20s and one turning 19). I always tell them to drive responsibly, safely and defensively and be aware of other vehicles around – there are a lot of irresponsible drivers in our community (Antioch, Brentwood, and Oakley). Speeding, running red lights, high speed racing – people think they are indestructible! I’m glad about a few changes to CA DMV laws already in place for 2019. Drive safe everyone! Lives matter!

  8. People, roadways do not need to be wet for a fatal accident to happen. Fatal accidents happen in all types of weather throughout the year. The roadway was not wet when the other DVHS kids were involved in a fatal accident just this past summer on SR-24/I-680 in Walnut Creek were they? No they weren’t. Driving at an unsafe speed and a young juvenile driver with absolutely no driving experience is the cause of this tragic yet preventable accident period. Along with other factors of distraction…like a car filled with all juveniles out just having a good time is definitely distracting to a juvenile driver. Anyway you look at it, it’s very sad.

  9. Every time it rains I see people driving just as crazy as they do when it’s dry, it’s like they have no idea that wet streets are slippery, the word stupid comes to mind for some reason.

  10. Mark is that all that comes to mind? Heartless… How about condolences to the victim’s families and friends?

    • TW … This is a terrible, unbelievable tragedy beyond imagination! No parent should go through such hell and of course we offer sympathy. However, parents need to closely supervise their children’s activities and, in this case, they obviously did not. This should never have happened if they did.

      • As a parent, you can tell your kids what you want them to do. It’s up to them to follow your rules. You can not put blame on the parents saying they need to supervise their kids. I’m sure these parents have spoken to their kids about things like this and the kids chose to do different. I’m sure we all have done things when we were younger we shouldn’t have or our parents told us not to. So what make you say what you are saying about these parents who just lost their kids and those that are at the hospital with their kids praying and hoping for the best outcome for their child. This was a tragic accident and you should not put blame on anyone. A condolence to the family would be nice. These families are going through a lot and don’t need to see people saying they are at fault!

        • CS, there is no such thing as an “accident.” Parents of minors should have them under constant supervision! These parents lost their kids because they failed to do that. Properly raised kids will NOT “chose to do different.” The training starts when the kid is very young and continues until he or she reaches maturity. I put the blame on the parents! This is the result of what happens when the parents don’t do their job.

        • No, CS! It’s not up to the kids to follow the rules. Their brains are not well formed until they get into their 20th. I see parents being really lackadaisical in how they manage their children. You have to start training them when they are toddlers. You can’t wait until they are 9 and 10 then THEN start the process of getting them ready to face adulthood and what that will bring. Yes, these parents lost their kids and it’s hard to find the words to express the remorse or imagine their grief! Not all kids do things they know they shouldn’t have. It’ a function of how they were raised and monitored.

  11. I beg to differ. You don’t train kids, you raise them. I can only speak from experience. My parents raised me ‘properly’ (as you put it Jerry Fox) to know right from wrong, however I chose to do wrong at times. Yes this did reflect on my parents as I chose to do what I knew was wrong. My parents and myself as a parent expect when I or my children leave the house that they will do what is expected of them. Which is to do right by all means. I’m sure the two of you have not always made the best choices in life as a child or adult.
    Jack Rose – it is up to children to follow the rules their parents give them and have raised them to live by. Bottom line, it’s a sad situation and ADULTS should not be on here doing the blame game regarding children!!

  12. In this situation, I would blame the parents – to a certain extent. There were SIX MINORS in one vehicle, ages 13, 16 and 17. Theses minors are living with their parents, and parents should know where their kids are. It was 9 p.m. – not a bunch of kids sneaking out in the middle of the night.

  13. If you’re with your children, then they cannot “chose” to do something against your wishes. Kids should be supervised all the times. You leave the house with them! Once they are adults, it’s a different story.

  14. I’m sure the poor condition of the roadway and lack of legible lane lines didn’t help the situation. The City needs to fix Lone Tree Way!! My sympathies to the families.

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