Tuesday: Oakley Set to Discuss Staff Salary and Benefit Increases


The Oakley City Council will discuss a resolution Tuesday that will grant staff an increase in pay and benefits as well as create new employee classifications. The fiscal impact on the City for the upcoming fiscal year in 2015-16 is $200,000.

When determining the salary ranges, the City of Oakley compares the following six cities:

  • Antioch
  • Benicia
  • Brentwood
  • Hercules
  • Pittsburg
  • Pleasant Hill

Pursuant to the terms and provisions of the Policy, evaluating the City’s financial condition and comparing compensation and benefits with the comparing cities, it is proposed that the merit range for employee compensation be 0% to 6%. If approved, each employee will undergo a comprehensive employee performance evaluation and the supervisor may recommend and the City Manager approve a salary increase of anywhere between 0% and 6% with any increase being effective the first pay period of

The other comparative cities mentioned in the Policy all provide a health insurance benefit that is significantly greater than what is currently provided to Oakley full-time employees ($1,035 per month). The attached resolution proposes an increase of $200 per month in this benefit.

The final element of the proposed Program is for the City to provide a 1% match toward a deferred compensation plan with the purpose of providing some funds and encouraging employees to set aside funds for post-retirement health related costs.

Oakley’s policy requires them to perform a competitive salary survey every two-years.

As a part of the impending transition of all sworn Police personnel becoming City employees later in the fiscal year and for some additional staffing in the Department, the following are new employee classifications in the Police Department: Chief of Police, Police Lieutenant, Police Sergeant, Police Officer, Police Records Coordinator, and Police Records Technician. We are also proposing to add the position of Streets Maintenance Foreman, which would be filled by a current employee whose title has previously been Public Works Maintenance Worker II.

The following are some of the larger increases for staff:

  • Administrative Assistant: $302 – $357
  • Assistant to City Manager: $866 – 1,037
  • Associate Engineer – $407 – $499
  • Code Enforcement Manager – $852 – $1,035
  • Economic Development Manager – $590 – 594
  • Human Resources Manager – $866 – 1039
  • Parks & Landscape Maintenance Foreman – $881 – $857
  • PW Maintenance Laborer 1 – $847 – $381
  • Tree Laborer – $833-$1,192

Oakley-Salary-Increase2 Oakley-Salary-Increase

To review the full staff report on this agenda item, click here.


  1. The trick here is creating new job classifications. Trick is the correct word. Don’t let them do this folks.

  2. Why the comparison only to other cities? Why not the total job market in the local area?

    Additionally they should be looking at total compensation, not just base pay. Government generally has fare more lucrative benefits than any private employer.

    This “other agency” comparative approach has been part of the reason for the labor inflation within governmental agencies of all stripes. Combined with the absolute ignorance of councils and boards with no business leadership or finance background who rubber stamp these staff proposals.

    It’s time for the citizens to rise up and put a stop to this nonsense.

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