Tonight: K & Co Family Jewelers Hosts Mixer Welcoming Mark London Designs


K & Co Family Jewelers in Brentwood invites you to a special meet and greet mixer tonight from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm to meet Mark London of Mark London Designs.

The event, located at 741 2nd Street in Brentwood, will provide appetizers, desserts and wine as K & Co welcomes London to their team.

With London setting up shop, K & Co Family Jewelers increases their customer experience and enhances their services as they become a true “full service” jewelry shop.

Upon opening their store, Rich and Katrina Neciuk have worked to provide repair and custom designed pieces for customers who wished to have a unique and one of a kind piece.

For Neciuk, he admits that side of the business began to thrive with the increase customer base and help was needed after long hours trying to service his customers needs.

“The amount of people going into the jewelry trade has dropped significantly in the last few years,” explained Neciuk. “Finding people with skills that could do quality work and keep our customers happy was impossible. But that was when I met Mark London and he sort of just walked into our life at the right time.”

London has over thirty years of experience under his belt and had owned his own shop in Napa which dates back to 1973 where he had the Harlequin Original Jewelry Designs.

By 2002, he relocated to Klamath Falls in Oregon to establish Mark London Design, a custom jewelry studio catering to West coast clientele.

As of July, London moved to Brentwood after his daughter moved into the local area and he wanted to be closer to family.

Shortly after meeting London, Neciuk proposed placing London’s design studio inside K & Co jewelry repair and design facility and hand over the reins.

“This is a good arrangement because we both get to do what we love and I can spend more time running the business and working with clients,” explained Neciuk. “I also get to work with Mark which means we can talk shop and bounce ideas off one another—it benefits everyone including our customers because we have two minds of jewelry craftsman coming up with ideas.”

For more information, visit K & Co Family Jewelers at 741 2nd Street in Brentwood or online at You may also follow them on Facebook.