Swalwell Launches Webpage Connecting Trump-Russia Dots


WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA-15) on Wednesday launched a webpage detailing Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. elections, links between President Trump and his associates and Russia, Russia’s undemocratic actions and human rights violations, Russia’s influence on U.S. foreign policy, and most importantly, what we can do about it.

“Russia is not our friend. They attacked our democracy. Yet, President Trump resists this finding, even though every day we continue to hear more about his team’s ties with Russia,” said Swalwell. “We need to get to the bottom of this and understand what the political, personal, and financial ties are between President Trump, his team, and Russia. This website helps to connect the dots between Russia and the President and his team.”

The webpage can be found here.

Swalwell and Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD-07), the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, have introduced H.R. 356, the Protecting Our Democracy Act, which would establish a 12-member, bipartisan, independent commission to investigate Russia’s attempts to interfere in and influence the 2016 elections and find a solution for how to prevent this from happening in the future.



  1. Shut the F up lmao wowwwww such sheep. Democrats lost because they pushed Crooked Hillary who was most corrupt Anti American globalist trash ever, and they blame Russia. And this garbage site promotes it? lmfao Yea Russia forced 50 million people to drive down to the booth and vote Trump. Did Russia also cheat Bernie Sanders??? When DNC rigged the primaries and still pushed out crooked Killary? hahahahaha liberals are such sheep

    • You really don’t get it? is it really that hard for you to believe? This is not a democrat or republican issue if you happen to pay attention. Nobody is saying the Russias came down to vote or rig the machines. What Russia did that is proven now was hack the DNC and pushed all the negativity on Hillary to help push the voters to either not vote or vote trump. It worked and you have nothing to say it didn’t because many voters hated her for the email story. No matter fact is given to you. You will just say its liberal blah blah blah. You might have to look in the mirror if you want to call people sheep. How is that wall mexico is going to pay for going for you? Oh wait! you are paying for it now. lol! https://youtu.be/x3c0JgZ59QQ

      • Wow you are such a sheep like I said. Even if that info was released on Hillary, all it did was show how corrupt she was you imbecile. She cheated Bernie, got caught and still ran for president you moron. No evidence has been shown of Russia hacking anything dummy. It was leaked by a insider to Wikileaks who released the info. John Podestas phone fell for phishing scam and got exposed lol Not only that Hillary caused 4 men to die in Beghnazi, lost 30,000 classified emails with a private server and list goes on. Get over yourself, your corrupt candidate lost. Also Mexico wall is still early buddy, Mexico will pay for wall. Illegal border crossings are down already 40 percent, that itself it paying for wall of all tax payer money illegals mooch off

        • Hillary is long gone – why are you Trumpers still so obsessed with her? We need to focus now on keeping the GOP from gutting our Medicare, and find out the truth about any ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

        • Trump LOST the popular vote, that means MORE voters voted for Hilary. I don’t know if you understand how it works. Just expand your scope….and you’ll learn what’s going on. This isn’t a you vs. them…this is for AMERICANS .. all of us have to pay attention and learn.

      • Obama was wire tapping Trump illegally and the proof is coming out soon. Watch him and his Adminstration all end up in jail man. He is a traitor and deserves to be locked up. Wait for it!

        • A.J., get over yourself. For two years (2008 to 2010) you rightwingers called Obama a commie because we cac no longer use the “n” word in public. We had a black man elected to the White House. And if we survive President Lizard Brain, we will have others. Maybe even a black woman.

      • Hey Oscar, where is your proof Russia hacked the DNC? Stop spreading lies. If Russia hacked the DNC to help TRUMP, why the first time did Wikileaks release stuff to show Bernie supporters they were being cheated by the DNC? Was Bernie linked to Russia also? Makes no sense right or are you a complete fool that you sit and watch CNN and swallow up the fake news? You say is proven? Proven how again? So sad you are that naive dude. Get a clue.

    • Hillary was not found guilty on any of the charges. There are numerous republican politicians who have now been found out that they used private servers for “C” files. Move on! Your Trump has no business being POTUS. He’s lied about Russia. He’s a lier, con man, rapest, fraud, pedophile and so much more.

      • He hasn’t lied a thing about Russia. Obama on the other hand said ISIS was JV team after helping create ISIS. Trump isn’t any of those things, those are your worthless opinion. Democraps are old news, they have zero power, thats why they whine and cry everyday, Wahhhh not my president wahhhhhhh lmfao so pathetic. TRUMP keeps deporting illegals, bringing back and creating jobs, stock market is soaring. America is back on track after Islamic terrorist Obama is gone and his Anti American Democrat party who love Islamic terrorist illegals criminals. Thats the DNC for you!

    • You’re an idiot just like Trump if you are refuting the intelligence report that says that, Yes, Russia did interfere with our election, and yes, with the intention of getting Trump elected. He is using distraction and denial about the intelligence report on Russian, because it calls into question the validity of his win and his ego couldn’t stand the blow.
      But it’s not the results of the election that is the issue – that’s past and matters not (HE is the only one still bringing up the election.) What matters is letting a hostile foreign country get away with it. And now that we’re finding that so many of Trump’s associates had ties to Russia during the campaign, it’s only natural that citizens rise up and demand to know more.

  2. This article is just another leg of fake news. There is no factual evidence of the claim, only fits of tantrum attacking our President. What a waste of rhetoric and respect for the United States of which is being separated by these career leaches in the swamp. The sooner these waste of political tantrum politicians go, the sooner we will get our country back to the people.

    • Repeating what is going to have to be the mantra here…”Just because YOU don’t like it, that doesn’t make it fake news”. The president would serve the entire country better if he understood that.

      • This guy is such a sheep. Its fake news because ZERO proof has been shown dummy. He does understand the country. Thats why he won and not crooked Hillary Clinton.

        • In any election other than for president, Trump would have lost…by almost 3 million votes. So, technically, he’s president, but I sure as heck wouldn’t call it a real win. Oh that’s right, there were over 3 million illegal ballots counted. Or is that just another lie that’s been tossed out there to soothe the savage ego of the thinnest skinned man alive next to Kim Jong Un?

          You will notice that I’m countering your arguments without calling you any names.

          • He is thin skinned? Yea because defending yourself when disgusting foul liberals attack you every second is thin skinned, no its called defending yourself.. Over 800,000 illegal aliens are given drivers license in CA alone to be easier to register to vote, you are complete sheep if you think they didn’t vote and that’s just CA alone. You are also sheep for thinking voter fraud isn’t true. Yeah you can be countering my arguments by not calling me a name but you’re calling my president names, so therefore a libtard is what you are. You are also sheep for thinking crooked Hillary with no support at her rallies, or even nationwide really won popular vote without fraud. Get Real, but I am not surprised you believe the Russian fake news also. Sad, I feel sorry for you!

          • Also we have something called electoral college, if you read a history book, so over populated cesspools like west coast, ny city, chicago, dont decide president for entire nation buddy! If Russia was helping Trump, why did Hillary win the popular vote. Oh yeah, the Russians went down to MI, PA, and WI are forced voters to vote Trump, you sound stupid and brainwashed!

        • Michael – ZERO proof has been shown to support the crazy allegations that Obama wire-tapped him, either. He reads to much Breitbart, which is where he got the conspiracy theory.

  3. I know many are looking at this issue as one party is being difficult because they lost. I disagree, we should all be concerned that this connection with Trump and the Russians threatens the very core of our country. As a Republican, I want answers not lies. Tell us all the truth and yes it will be painful. Ttruth will provide the light we need to make choices that will shape our childrens future. Hiding will only create long term pain.

  4. Michael, you need to expand both your vocabulary and mind. To refer to people who live on the East @ West Coasts as stupid, brainwashed sheep,living in a cesspool, shows me that you are an ignorant, racist Redneck who has way to much idle time.

    • Actually libtard I am Mexican American, here legally and far from redneck. And it is cesspool, just look at the ran down cities, you delusional moron, I have idle time because it took me 5 minutes to comment here loser hahaha Dumb liberal sheep. Obama was illegally tapping Trumps phones, all mass corruption is being unraveled by Trump you dumb idiots are going poop your panties when all evidence is released soon of how corrupt Obozo Admin was. He will rot in a jail cell and I can’t wait. I used to be a brainwashed liberal Democrat until I realized they use us minorities for votes then send us back to ghetto to be good little sheep. The connection betwen Obama and Iran who chants death to America giving them billions threatened our republic. Liberals are new generation communist. They shut down free speech, they call everyone bigots while they fear monger Russia, because they lost and lost big and can’t accept it. Republicans control every branch of govt. thats the country rejecting liberalism not Russia lmfao morons. Don Clair stop lying, you’re not a Republican troll. No Republican believes Russia fake news except fake ones like you.

  5. Those who fail to consider even the possibility of a Trump and Russia connection remind me of the citizens of North Korea who are nothing but slaves. When Trump is disgraced and jailed along with family members who break the nation’s laws repeatedly, it will only be consistent if Trump supporters will try to break him out of jail.

    • Thats Obama whos corruption is being unravelled by Trump right now . Trump has access to all the illegal stuff Obama and his cronies did. Wait for him to rot in a jail cell. It’s coming buddy!! I am so excited for it.. It reminds of you of North Korea you fake patriot. Lmfao who says that? Do you even know what you’re talking about? Comparing America now to North Korea, thanks for laugh!!

  6. Michael why don’t u STFU you brainwashed commie loving traitor like the so-called president!! If Hillary had the commies helping her too she would have won hands down. You’re as nasty and defensive as drumpf which only points to GUILT! Gtfoh the both of you!

    • Lmao yea says the nasty libtard troll who just insulted me calling me commie. Democrats are communist. Everything they do is tactics of the USSR. Democrats are the Russians. Everything they blame others for is exactly what they are dumb dumb. Read a book you confused demented libtard.

  7. You know I wonder how many of the comments are from real people and not some Russian trolls.
    Whose job is to make very hateful remarks when someone speaks out against Russia and their buddy The Pussy Grabber. It’s very telling when you look at the substance of these remarks. Designed to hurt and shame. To make that person they are aimed at to shut up. Just another form of bullying.Who says the KGB is dead.

  8. You know I wonder how many of the comments are from real people and not some Russian trolls.
    Whose job is to make very hateful remarks when someone speaks out against Russia and their buddy Trump. It’s very telling when you look at the substance of these remarks. Designed to hurt and shame. To make that person they are aimed at to shut up. Just another form of bullying.Who says the KGB is dead.

  9. Eric, thanks for stating you position…again.

    I found it very helpful as I will be making sure to include your name of Democrats NOT to re-elect. This is the real world and you need to put on your big boy pants and do what you were elected to do.

    Taking shots at the President isn’t it.

    We tolerated Obama and Clinton and didn’t throw 1/2 the hissy fit you and the Democratic party has been.

    We are paying you very well to do a job. You are NOT performing.

    Grow up or get out.

    • “We tolerated Obama and Clinton and didn’t throw 1/2 the hissy fit you and the Democratic party has been.”

      Really??? I did a spit-take on that one. Have you watched Faux News the last 8 years? That’s all they were doing when Obama was in office was having hissy fits. Nice old term, that “hissy fits”. There were years worth of whining about Obamacare and then the birthers just for starters. That doesn’t even get to stealing a Supreme Court appointment from the rightful nominator.

  10. Does anyone recall Hiliary and Obama failed to deliver as promised to Putin? Perhaps that is why Russians are linked to the cyber hacking of the DNC and Podesta. The uranium mine deal was a small part of that package and almost as pricey as Iran’s billions for no nukes and hostages. The democrats royally screwed up and want to wag the dog using Trump as a pawn.

  11. As a former Democrat…I will never again vote for them…they really are Anti America….I am switching over to Republican…I didnt vote for Trump but next election I will….I love what he is doing….keep up great work President Trump!

  12. Oh no, delirious baby boomers creating imaginary division between Democrat and Republican. It’s funny you guys blame the youth, yet are so stuck in your ways with the bipartisan nonsense. Wake up people the elite is in both sides and you’re not invited!

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