Supervisor Glover Wants Investigation into Allegation of Possible Radioactive Materials in Keller Canyon Landfill

Press Release


Supervisor Federal Glover has directed Contra Costa County Staff at next Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting to provide the Board with an update concerning the allegations of malfeasance by Tetra Tech EC Inc. at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The allegations concern possible radioactive materials being deposited at landfills across the state including possible contaminated material that might have been sent to the Keller Canyon Landfill.

Supervisor Glover stated “I am very concerned about these allegations and want a full report from staff on this issue.” Glover also said that he expects County staff to follow up with further review of the issue after the Board meeting next Tuesday. “I want staff to thoroughly investigate these allegations and determine whether or not the Keller Landfill was sent contaminated materials. I want to make sure the residents of Contra Costa County are protected and that this matter is fully addressed.”

Federal Glover said that this matter will be heard in front of the Board of Supervisors during its regularly scheduled session starting at 9:30 AM on May 1, 2018 in the Board Chambers at 651 Pine St., Martinez.