Stockton: Fundraiser Established After Two-Year-Old Killed in Fatal Crash


A memorial and fundraiser has been established for two-year-old Blake Tabke who passed away after a vehicle crash on April 27, 2018.

The crash occurred at 8:06 pm in the area of Wilson Way and Hazelton Avenue. When Officers arrived, they located a single vehicle had struck a pole.

Blake Tabke, 2, was transported to an area hospital where unfortunately he died from his injuries. There was also another uninjured small child in the car who was turned over to a family member who responded to the scene.

William Tabke, 28, is currently in custody at San Joaquin County Jail.

A memorial has been set-up on Facebook which can be viewed by clicking here.

Also, according to Haley Kavanaugh, BJs in Brentwood is generously holding a fundraiser in honor of Blake next Wednesday May 9th from 11-11. Eat at BJs and tell your server the code MAY734 and a percentage of the proceeds will go to helping our family in this difficult time.

According to the family, none of the funds will be paying for legal fees.


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  2. WAIT You’re worried? You’re worried about your measly $25, $50, $100 donation going to legal fees???

    Do you know what the yearly costs of prisoners is in California?
    Did you know California’s corrections budged is 12 BILLION DOLLARS per year?
    Did you know that is $75,560 per year PER INMATE? $80,000 yearly estimated for 2018?
    Did you know that the Governor Browns budget proposed a total expenditure of 11.3 BILLION for prison operations in 2017-18?

    Have you read that “Despite a decline in both its prison population and the number of prison staff, California’s prison spending rose $560 million between 2010 and 2015, primarily because salary, pension and other employee and retiree benefits continued to increase, also a result of union-negotiated increases?
    Who do you believe is benefiting from incarceration?
    Did your salary, pension or other benefits increase when your tax paying contribution to the prison system did?

    Did you know that is $377,800 for a 5 year sentence?
    Did you know that is $755,600 for a 10 year sentence?
    Did you know that is 1.13 MILLION for a 15 year sentence?

    Did you know that over three-quarters of these costs are for security and inmate heath care?
    Do you want to pay for the security of someone who can protect themselves outside of the system?
    Do you want to pay for healthcare of a individual n who is willing to work and pay for his own?
    Is this man a danger to society when he is not behind the wheel?

    Did you know 35,750,000 Americans use public transport to get to and from work?
    Do you believe someone can be a contributing member or his family, society, the country without a drivers license?
    Would you rather this man work, pay taxes, pay for his own security, and healthcare or would you like to pay for it?

    Did you know California ranks 41st per STUDENT spending but ranks NUMBER 1 per prisoner spending.
    Did you know that in 1970 corrections received just 3.7% of the states general fund revenue, while higher education systems received nearly 14%. Today, corrections accounts for almost 9% of Californias general funds, while higher education receives only 5.2%?

    WAIT- Tell me again how you’re worried about YOUR MEASLY donation?
    Worried your DONATION is going to legal fees of a man who clearly loved his children, has never once been accused, cited, or reported to harmed them in any way, who just lost his son in an tragic accident and YOU want him to spend time in prison? When it comes down to dollars and cents do you want to pay for it? Can you imagine the guilt he must feel on his own? You don’t think that is enough of a life sentence?

    Do you know a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds?
    Did you realize every year more than 3.6 MILLION referrals are made to CPA involving more than 6.6 MILLION children?
    Do you believe these individuals are accidentally abusing these children? Do you believe society would be a better place without the individuals that abuse their own or someone else children? Who do you think the prison systems should protect?

    If you’re going to pay $80,000 per year to imprison someone do you really want to spend it on a man? Or you think revoking his license and letting him live with the guilt is enough of a life sentence?

    Do you want to pay that for the Dad who drove his wife and kids home after a few beers last Saturday to live his life in jail? Or maybe the Dad who did it on Easter? Or after the family reunion? Or after that Super Bowl get together? How about the birthday party last weekend?
    Or are you going to claim you can’t think of a DAD that has done this time and time again?

    Before you tell me what I think or what I should think- remember, I didn’t tell you what I think, I didn’t even tell you what YOU should think- I just asked some questions.

    Go ahead, use my donation towards legal fees for this DAD and his family.

    • Spot on, my heart breaks for him and his family. I’ve been praying for them daily. He made a horrible mistake that he will forever have to live with, no sentence will be worse than what he has to live out. Sadly, this is his 2nd DUI. I pray he has an opportunity to use this unbearable loss for good. Teach others how not to drink and drive.

    • The dad made his bed – he’s lying in it. He should’ve learned after his first DUI. He knows now, doesn’t he? Cry me a river.

  3. What awful statements above.. This was a accident and the family has to live with the loss of both people.. One in jail and the child deceased.. Isn’t that punishment enough??
    I’ve know the family since I was a young girl and they are an incredible family!!
    Keep your nasty opinions to yourself!!
    Please pray for them all

  4. Not only what Sheila Anderson said but how horrible if the family were to read these comments. So very tragic for all and that one horrible horrific decision you can never ever take back! Praying for this families broken hearts & some healing.

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