Statement by Attorney General Candidate Eric Early On U.S. AG Jeff Sessions’ “Sanctuary State” Speech


LOS ANGELES, CA – Attorney General candidate Eric Early issued this statement on U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ speech Wednesday calling for an end to “Sanctuary State” laws that obstruct federal immigration authorities from discharging their lawful duties:

“The federal government is suing California because politicians like Xavier Becerra are recklessly interfering with federal law enforcement. They’re abusing their power to promote Sanctuary State policies that protect a group of illegal immigrants suspected of committing crimes, and endanger law enforcement and the law-abiding public.”

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions said ICE isn’t asking state and local enforcement to round up all illegal immigrants – all federal immigration authorities want is for Becerra and other officials to stop actively obstructing the enforcement of federal laws.”

Eric Early is an attorney with 25 years of experience as a successful business and real estate litigator. He has championed justice fighting for his clients in courts throughout California and much of the country, built a successful law firm, meeting payroll for years, while specializing in helping job creators, businesses and innovators succeed and stay in California and hardworking people stay in their homes. Eric wants to fight for all Californians like he has fought for his clients for 25 years.;


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  2. The Mayor of Oakland needs to be arrested and charged with obstruction, aiding, and harboring. The sooner this is done the faster the legal citizens can feel safe and we can get back to normality.

    PS Xavier needs to ride along,

    Eric has my vote too !

    • I say that Moonbeam, Libby and Xavier be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting criminals and wasting tax-payer money on frivolous lawsuits against the Trump Administration!

  3. Another kiss ass republican. Thankfully, his chances are about as likely as an snowball in hell.

  4. Almost all illegal immigrants are here for a better life and you all know that. These round ups are BS and you know that. All this is a bunch of lies, from Brown, Sessions, Cal AG, candidate Early, what a joke we are to the world. Yeah you to trump, what a pos you are !!! Yes immigration needs to be fixed but not like this. Congress and past presidents have created this mess for that last 30 years but won’t own up to it as long as their awesome pay and benefits are at stake. That’s all they care about. They don’t give a shit one bit about America, the greatest country in the world that was build with and by immigrants!!! Fuck them and the horse they ride in on!!! Fix it! Can’t be that hard if they really care about America and not just their pocket $$$

    • We are a joke to the rest of the world because we don’t have immigration laws already on-the-books enforced! There are over 20,000 such laws already in place! Every country is a country of immigrants! They all come from somewhere. We are not the only country of immigrants on this earth! Why can’t they stay in their own countries and make the better countries? Why do they have to move elsewhere then screw up that country?

  5. Immigrants are legal US citizens. We are talking about illegal aliens here. Let’s be clear about that.

    • You’re right! Illegals are NOT immigrants! They are INVADERS! Immigrants are those who go through the process of submitting proper paperwork, being interviewed, having their background and health checked and also making sure that they can contribute positively to their new country! We don’t need more welfare moochers here! They can also choose to stay in their home country and work on making it better.

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