Sheriff’s Office STARR 1 Helicopter Crew Rescue Calf Stuck in a Tree


The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff released video of a rescue of a calf stuck in a tree in East Contra Costa County.

According to Jimmy Lee, spokesperson for the Sheriffs office, the air crew of Sheriff’s Office STARR1 helicopter was doing some rescue training in Round Valley near Los Vaqueros in east Contra Costa County. While training, the pilot saw what looked like a cow with his head stuck in a tree. STARR1 did several orbits and could see the calf struggling, but its head was indeed stuck in an old tree trunk. Two air crew members “skid rode” to a hill near the calf and as they walked near it they could see it struggling to get itself free. It was not successful. It just took the breaking a little of the stump away to set it free. It’s unknown how long it was stuck there, but the edges of the tree where it was stuck seemed rounded off like it had been there a while.


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