Sheriffs Office: Antioch Man Arrested Transporting Guns, Ammo into State

Photo provided by Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office

The CASE (Contra Costa County Anti-Violence Support Effort) Team last month launched an investigation into a person who was allegedly buying guns in Nevada (that were illegal in California), transporting them into California and selling them.

Following the investigation, the CASE Team obtained an arrest warrant for 50-year-old Virgilio Salazar of Antioch and a search warrant for his home.

Salazar was arrested on March 27, 2018. During a search of his home, the CASE Team seized a .223 Colt AR-15 assault rifle, CZ 9mm semi-auto assault pistol, three large capacity rifle magazines, and two large capacity pistol magazines.

Salazar was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on the following charges: importing an assault rifle, possession of an assault rifle, and importing large capacity magazines. He is being held in lieu of $300,000 bail. He has since bailed out.

The CASE Team is a joint effort by the Office of the Sheriff, California Department of Justice, California Highway Patrol, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Pittsburg Police Department, Walnut Creek Police Department, and Probation Officers from the Contra Costa County Probation Department. CASE was created in November 2011 as a collaborative effort to reduce violent crimes in Contra Costa, especially those related to illegal firearms.


  1. “CZ 9mm semi-auto assault pistol”——did the magazines make it an “assault pistol” or is every semi auto in Cali one?

  2. Any semi auto pistol with a threaded barrel falls under the assault weapon definition in CA.

  3. That sure doesn’t seem like a stockpile he is selling, that’s more like personal and home protection.

  4. California is an hilarious place to live. I am hoping they won’t make BB pistols and rifles falls in the Califonication assault roster. Peaple get killed in California because they don’t have the means to defend themselves against assholes criminals and wackos. I freakin lovin I live in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!!!

  5. Assault anything on a gun is a far leftist imaginary description. It’s a joke. It’s like putting different wheels on a new car. There is no difference but looks. You know how the left can’t handle looks or comments.

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