Serial Renters Charged by Fremont Police After Defrauding Landlords

Photo by Fremont Police

The Fremont Police Department announced the charges against two brothers after they defrauded numerous landlords resulting in a significant financial loss while damaging properties.

Fremont police say as a result of the intentional actions of Mohammed QADIR and/or Habibullah QADIR, each landlord suffered significant financial loss, accumulating to over $120,000 — the two men combined have 45-felony counts against them.

Here is the information released by Fremont Police:

In the arbitrary Bay Area rental market, scams are very common and affect landlords and tenants alike. Fremont Police recently investigated a case of serial renters who defrauded numerous landlords resulting in a significant financial loss to them and damage to their properties.

This information is being released to help potential landlords recognize and prevent similar fraud.

In April, 2017, Fremont Police received information from a Fremont landlord involving an ongoing fraudulent home rental scheme conducted by two brothers dating back to 2015. At least five (5) property owners fell victim to these serial renters, suffered a significant financial loss and damage to their homes as a result.

The investigation revealed Mohammed QADIR (30) and his brother, Habibullah QADIR (42), engaged in intentional fraudulent and deceptive practices to obtain at least five residential property leases in Fremont. Once the properties were rented to them, they failed to pay rent and forced the landlords to evict them while they remained in the properties rent-free, for months at a time.

In summary, Mohammed QADIR, acting alone or collaborating with Habibullah QADIR, sought to obtain leases for single-family houses in high-end neighborhoods in Fremont. With each landlord, Mohammed QADIR and/or Habibullah QADIR submitted false or counterfeited documentation regarding their true identities, employment, and financial status in order to be granted each rental.

For example, they provided names, Social Security numbers, California identification card numbers or other information that was false or belonged to other people not involved in the rentals; altered their own ID’s to provide false names; and created false bank statements, paychecks, and credit reports to represent an affluent financial status they did not really have.

Mohammed QADIR and/or Habibullah QADIR used variations of their own names during the fraud, making it difficult for the landlords to find their true information. Some of the aka’s used were Marc Mohammed, Mohammed Said, Sami Habib, and Habib Said. Other fraudulent names included in the fraud incidents include Amin or Aminullah Said, and Parwin Said.

Once accepted as tenants, Mohammed QADIR and/or Habibullah QADIR provided the landlords personal or business checks to pay for rent and security deposits. In each instance, the checks were returned for insufficient funds or for accounts that had already been closed. In the meantime, Mohammed QADIR and/or Habibullah QADIR moved into each residence, usually with their elderly parents.

Mohammed QADIR and/or Habibullah QADIR strung the landlords along with false promises to pay outstanding rental payments, often for months at a time. In each instance, the landlords had to go through the time consuming, labor-intensive and costly civil process to formally evict Mohammed QADIR and/or Habibullah QADIR, and their families from the residences.

In each rental, Mohammed QADIR, Habibullah QADIR and family fled the residence just before they were physically removed by authorities, sometimes taking with them large appliances or other items that belonged to the landlords, and often leaving the properties trashed. Each victim landlord reported they were unable to rent their properties until significant repairs and cleanings were completed.

As a result of the intentional actions of Mohammed QADIR and/or Habibullah QADIR, each landlord suffered significant financial loss, accumulating to over $120,000.

In January, 2018, the Alameda County District Attorney’s office filed criminal complaints and issued arrest warrants for Mohammed QADIR and Habibullah QADIR in this matter. This included nearly thirty (30) felony charges against Mohammed QADIR, and about fifteen (15) felony charges against Habibullah QADIR. The charges were nearly all related to identity theft, fraud and financial crimes. Both subjects bailed out and are not currently in custody. The current criminal cases against Mohammed QADIR and Habibullah QADIR are progressing through the courts at this time.

Records show Habibullah QADIR and Mohammed QADIR are business owners/partners of a local tech company, and also produce a popular annual cultural festival in the Bay Area. Their previous criminal history includes a conviction for Habibullah QADIR for operating a food truck without a license, for which he is currently on probation.

If you have information about Mohammed QADIR and/or Habibullah QADIR regarding fraud or other crimes, please contact the Fremont Police Department General Investigations Unit at 510-790-6900 or email Detective Boyd directly at [email protected] We will also accept non-urgent anonymous tips. Text TIP FREMONTPD followed by your message to 888-777.


  1. Sorry Melanie this is a sanctuary state where these crimes are not really a crime for illegals. Only US citizens can be charged.

    • They sound like some pretty industrious guys in tech, food, and real estate industries (probably more than you). Isn’t that chasing the American dream? Sure they defrauded people, but isn’t that what corporate capitalistic enterprise entails? Oh sorry “American”, I forgot, they’re not white so their merit is null in your eyes.

      • What does white have to do with anything? BTW I’m not white if your playing a race card to defend a criminal.

        • They’re considered Asian because the Middle East is in Western Asia. Unless they’re from Egypt, which is in Africa – which would make them African.

          • If you’re in America, and you’re African – you’re African American. African Americans are BLACK – which is a race.

          • Melanie! Oh Melanie! You need to take some courses in anthropology! The term “African-American” pertains to blacks. These two guys are ARABS! They sure know how to work the system!

          • I was referring to Egyptians. Egyptians ARE considered black. These two are Middle Eastern – which means they’re Asian. ARAB IS NOT A RACE!

          • Melanie, you just try walking up to an Egyptian and refer to him as “black” and he will not take that well at all.

          • Melanie, I immigrated here from South Africa, the only country on the African continent which has the name “Africa” in it. I am Caucasian, blonde and blue eyed and NOT and not designated as an “African-American.”

        • Elizabeth – You’re not an Egyptian.

          Lola – Egyptians are usually a combination of black/ white – which means you’re black. A friend of mine is from Egypt, and he tells me it’s common for Egyptians to deny their black heritage. The guy announcing the Olympics won’t even admit he’s black. Mixed race blacks will deny their heritage to avoid discrimination.

          • Melanie — You are totally and completely wrong! What denial? I am an Egyptian national and I am NOT BLACK nor are any of my countrymen. Where did you come up with this nonsense? Stop with this disinformation already!

          • My sister in law is Egyptian. She’s part black. If you google Egyptian history, you can read that Egyptians were black. I never knew Egyptians were black until my brother married her.

          • ” Most Egyptians are a mixture of white and black due to interbreeding between the people of Europe and indigenous Egyptians and other African nations. Ancient Egyptians are black people”

            This is coming from Egyptian history. Melanie is correct.

    • I hope the property owners make sure the security deposit checks and first months rent check clears before they let future renters move in.

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