Senator Harris Statement on Confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Press Release


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, released the following statement on her vote on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court:


“When Judge Brett Kavanaugh was first nominated, I said that he represents a direct and fundamental threat to that promise inscribed above the Supreme Court, ‘Equal Justice Under Law.’


In the weeks since then, the basis for my concern has been confirmed.


Senate Republicans used raw power to rush an unfit nominee onto the Supreme Court when the American people have more questions than answers about Judge Kavanaugh’s suitability to serve.


When Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward with serious and credible allegations of sexual assault, not only was she attacked by Senate Republicans, she was mocked by the President of the United States. The White House then prevented the FBI from investigating critical aspects of the allegations or interviewing key witnesses—not even permitting the FBI to interview Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford.


As a former prosecutor, I have led investigations and I have tried these cases in a courtroom. I have spent countless hours with assault survivors. And when I look at what has occurred over these few days, we have fallen short in fulfilling our constitutional duty to fully evaluate Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. This process has been a disservice to Dr. Ford. This process was a disservice to survivors everywhere. And this process has been a disservice to the American people.


The Judge Kavanaugh the American people saw before the Judiciary Committee does not have the character, the temperament, or the judgment to sit on the highest court in our land. His own partisan, evasive, dishonest, and aggressive testimony demonstrates that we cannot trust him to be a fair and unbiased jurist. He is simply unfit. The Senate should have put partisanship aside and demanded better.


Millions of Americans are rightly outraged at this hasty and unjust process, which threatens to cloud the legitimacy of the Supreme Court of the United States. And they are rightly fearful that Justice Kavanaugh will undermine Roe v. Wade, roll back access to affordable healthcare, and side with powerful and partisan interests over the most vulnerable.


It is now up to each of us to continue to fight for justice and equality and hold our government accountable.”


  1. Senator Harris, if you are truly serious about helping women. Why not investigate the woman Senator Cory Booker bragged about assaulting in school and the woman Congressman Keith Ellison battered? Maybe expose those in Congress who have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on sexual harassment claims? I can assure if you are running for President on women issues we’re going to ask why you didn’t?

    • You sir, took the words right out of my, and millions of others, mouths. You hit every point head on. You should be proud. Now, let’s see if this gets pass3d on to her for a reply. I bet NOT, but, we could only hope that she listens to 5he people in HER district and has answered for them instead of turning a blind eye towards them.

  2. I’m sick of the left and the right. Everything is a political issue. 24/7/365 – every day of the year. And you wonder why some people don’t bother to vote. Political apathy.

  3. I support Justice Kavanaugh. I did not fall for Ford’s little schoolgirl behavior. I do think something happen to her, like maybe she got run over by a truck. She was not credible at all! Women should be embarrassed for her disgusting, idiotic, lying behavior. Is she just a fallout girl? How much is the DNC paying her. Ask Feinstein. I’m sure she knows. Thank you President Trump. You picked another conservative judge with moral values. Republicans, get out there and Vote! Let’s keep the majority of the House and Senate and get rid of the pathetic, disgusting Liberals once and for all!

    • Agree with you totally Dirty Harry. That pathetic little girl voice was a ploy to manipulate the process and anyone who was stupid enough to fall for her act should have their head examined

  4. I didn’t believe one word Dr. Ford said, there was nothing in the record that backed up her claims that Brett Kavanagh assaulted her. Nothing. All evidence points to Dr. Ford just making up the story out of whole cloth. She may have done this just to get some attention, or maybe she is an abortion fanatic, or possibly she did it just because she is a Democrat. The current leader of the Democratic party, Schurmer, is emphasizing extreme cut-throat partisanship – it’s a destroy the other party mentality, any way you can. Dr. Ford’s testimony – her fake story – was part of that scorched earth partisanship, I believe.
    I find it pretty unbelievable that Senator Harris, a former prosecutor, the former DA of San Francisco, and the former AG of California – could fall for Dr. Ford”s completely unbelievable story. Senator Collin’s great speech the other day completely discredited Dr. Fords claims – at least insofar as Brett Kavanagh was concerned. The prosecutor who the GOP hired to question Dr. Ford also proved that her story was likely untrue I thought Collin’s speech was one of the greatest Senate speeches I’ve ever seen. She pointed out – appropriately – just how low the Senate sunk in the confirmation of Kavanagh, the level of attack dog partisanship by Democrats Senators – like Kamala Harris – was revolting at every level.

  5. I hope Kamala Harris doesn’t get back into prosecuting. Her comments on guilty before proof is very anti social behavior. She belongs on the streets with the paid protestors. That is the only thing she is good at. Lies, premature conclusions, rehtoric, and grandstanding. She is as bad as Bercera whom now has 44 lawsuits against you the people. Sadly, you the people will pay to sue yourselves forty four times. These lunkers of our tax dollars and false justice must go. Harris must go. She is no good for our country.

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