Saturday: G St Mercantile Set to Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary


On Saturday November 5, the community is invited to visit G St. Mercantile in downtown Antioch as they celebrate their one year anniversary with a “sale-a-bration”.

Brandon Woods & Michael Gabrielson
Brandon Woods & Michael Gabrielson

After opening last November, Michael Gabrielson and Brandon Woods are thanking their customers by hosting a store wide sale with special markdowns as a way to say thank you. They will also be offering holiday promotions, raffles, along with snacks and refreshments.

Gabrielson says the first year has exceeded expectations and is looking forward to the future.

“It’s been really great, it’s exceeded our expectations,” says Gabrielson. “The increased foot traffic has been promising but as the year progresses, we are getting more and more people through so it reaffirms to us people are enjoying the store and receiving referrals.”

g-st-mercantile-img_8925He admits the year has been rewarding as his favorite thing is when customers come in for the first time and have that element of surprise.  He also says he enjoys the pride the downtown has.

“We have succeeded in our goal which was to work with other stores and businesses downtown to create a culture which is beginning to revitalize the downtown,” explained Gabrielson. “It’s been great. We came here and we feel like we are a part of the downtown with the other shops. I think some people in concept think they are your competition, but it’s not like that at all down here. We all support one another and refer our clients to other shops.  It’s been a really great experience”

Gabrielson says the comradery has only improved in the past year and continues to grow.

g-st-mercantile-img_8909For Woods, he says it was a big step to go from a concept to a reality. He explained there was a lot of unknowns but they worked through it. He also never realized just how many new people he would meet.

“For me I knew opening the store was going to be work, but I never realized how many people I would meet and how much of a connection with the community I would have. That for me has been the biggest thing. Yes, we do pretty things, but meeting the community and the people in the area is special,” says Brandon. “I knew our shop would be successful, but learning about the community and the history I learn something new. It’s been very nice meeting everyone.”

He highlighted that owning a co-op allows him to have more control, especially with the look and feel to ensuring the right experience for the customer.

g-st-mercantile-img_8915“It can been a challenge to get really good vendors who are not only good people, but creative or pick good items for the store. We feel very fortunate to have wonderful vendors! We have a good mix of creative people and good pickers that add to the aesthetic of the store,”  says Woods.

The co-op currently has about 20 vendors in it and the goal is to have something for everyone which includes: furniture, home decor, antiques, vintage finds, gifts and much more.

“We try and have something for everyone. That is our goal. Even the guys come in with the wives and it’s the guy buying something from the man cave. It’s not only a women’s shop, it is for everyone,” says Gabrielson.  “The store varies every month because items change in and out. The draw to the store is its uniqueness with 20-different vendors. There are different styles and colors to fit everyone’s likes.”

g-st-mercantile-img_8923Woods highlighted that going forward; they hope to create more creative spaces in a positive environment not only for the vendors, but for patrons of the store. But for now, they are focused on thanking their customers for the first year of business.

“Making it a year and not being in debt is also a good thing. It’s been a really easy transition. The community welcomed us and embraced us,” says Woods. “I love when people come in and share their stories and how they incorporate our pieces into their homes. It’s the best feeling.

Gabrielson thanks the community for welcoming them with open arms.

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