Roddy Ranch Golf Club Set to Close Operations August 11

Photo posted on Roddy Ranch Facebook page

On Saturday, Roddy Ranch Golf Club in Antioch announced it is closing on August 11 after 16-years of operation. In the message, they blamed high cost of water.

According to it’s website, the golf course was designed by J. Michael Poellot, ASGCA, and opened for play in 2000. Roddy Ranch Golf Club has been noted as the Best Value in Northern California by and dubbed as being “the finest golf course that’s opened in the Bay Area in years.”

Here is a message that went out Saturday.

It is with sadness that we inform you that after 16 years in operation, Roddy Ranch Golf Club will be permanently closed on August 11. The increasingly high cost of water has impacted individuals and businesses throughout the state for many years and Roddy Ranch is no exception. Ultimately the expense associated with irrigating the golf course has burdened the Club to the point that it is no longer economically feasible for the course to stay in business.

We would like to thank the thousands of golfers who have enjoyed playing golf at Roddy Ranch over the years including our hundreds of loyal members. Finally, our staff at Roddy Ranch has always worked tirelessly to create a family atmosphere for those visiting the course. We are eternally grateful for their contribution to the success of Roddy Ranch. Please join us in the next few days for one last round at Roddy Ranch and we wish you well.

Thank you for your support.
Sincerely, Roddy Ranch Golf Club



  1. Just wondering why they couldn’t put in wells for their own water supply? Were they not allowed because it draws on a common water table?

  2. Only way for businesses to survive in Antioch is to accept EBT/food stamps and section 8 vouchers.

    Sorry Roddy Ranch, this is low income city.

  3. Only way for businesses to survive in Antioch is to accept EBT/Food stamps and section 8 payments.

    Sorry Roddy Ranch, this is low income city.

  4. Sadly a sign of the times, except for those communities that insist on building more and more and more. The prudent communities have had in place moratoriums of various flavors, others have ignored the the impact that even 100 dwellings can have; average 300 more people,, at least 200 more cars – lot’s of showers, laundry, meals, cleaning, flushes, etc. So let’s build more and more and lose fine businesses and jobs.

  5. This golf course was noted as the “BROWN IS THE NEW GREEN”. They mkanaged this well. The golf course is not watered as much as it used to. It is noteably observed by the dryness on the fairways. However, the area around the greens, as well as the greens, are great and green!

  6. Oh no, now the bourgeois will have to drive 3 miles down Balfour for the 4 other courses in Brentwood (gasp!). Good I hope Roddy loses all his cattle ranches too- those are the true criminals stealing all the beautiful California water and land. Plus the guy made all his money off barbaric rodeo nonsense. Outdated practices die to new times, this isn’t the 20th century anymore.

      • Ken Adams: actually, your comment “Good back to your country” makes no sense. But I know what you meant, and it is inappropriate. As far as you know, this is Mr. Li’s country as much as it is yours. Why not just make your counter point without being racist?

        • Thank you Nancy for your senseless response. Now go and try to annoy someone else who doesn’t care what you have to say. Mr. Li’s calls the rodeo “barbaric nonsense” as his culture eat dogs and cats as delicasses. Hmmm.

    • Mr. Li,
      It seems that you have a bias yourself. This course served many people and many economic classes. My child is learning the game and has played in tournaments there. To wish ill will against someone for their livelihood is as ignorant as your detractor Mr. Adams. We should all be concerned when a small business closes as it affects us all.

  7. This was inevitable. Poor management, poor course layout, high prices, lack of enthusiasm. Haven’t played there for years due to all of these issues and more, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Its just upsetting because now the other courses will be slightly busier.

  8. The part of Roddy Ranch that was supposed to be large houses was sold to the East Bay Regional Park District. Just to get out from under it. Other golf courses in the area have closed also. In part the cost of water and part because golf is not as popular any more. Mr. Roddy had sold off the housing property to investors a long time ago and was royally screwed due to going with the wrong people. The Roddy Ranch properties in general were poorly managed from the beginning of the whole outlandish idea.

    • Nobody ever accused racists of swimming at the top of the gene pool, Mr. Li. It seems it’s either that or he was pointing out that the American educational system is in the toilet.

    • Sorry, “go back to your country.” Go out, buy a dog (don’t eat it) name it Clue…and then you’ll have one.

  9. The business and social story behind the rise and fall of Roddy Ranch and Development should be mandatory reading for all residence and at least a few hours of instruction in high school (business/environment/social/politics/agriculture)

  10. I challenge ECT and local history writers to tell a balanced story behind Roddy Ranch from the top cowboy days to the final bust of one of his local investments.

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