Realtor’s Wallet Stolen During Open House, Thieves Run Up Credit Cards


A local realtor in Antioch had her wallet stolen during an open house at a home Sunday and two people ran up her credit cards at local stores.

The realtor says she was hosting an open house when a male and female couple walked in and looked at the home. The female said she needed to go to the bathroom and asked for assistance. While she was showing her to the bathroom, the man allegedly went through her purse and took her wallet.

Antioch-Thieves-leaving-lowestIt wasn’t until later she realized what had happened after being at a store and trying to pay for items and noticed her wallet was missing.

According the realtor, the thieves purchased items with her credit cards in Antioch and Brentwood.

Police were able to get images from a couple of the stores which included Walmart and Lowes in Antioch, and also purchased items at Chevron and Home Depot in Brentwood.

The realtor also stated none of the stores checked identification and he was the one who signed her credit card saying he does not look like a female. She credited the Antioch Police Department for taking her case seriously enough to follow up and get her photographs of the thieves. (see photos posted).

“These people were slick and used a diversion about really needing to use the bathroom to get me away from my purse. He stayed behind and he took my wallet,” the realtor. “I want other agents to be aware of this scam to protect yourself from identity theft. It really makes me think twice about doing an open house by myself.”

If you see these suspects at an open house or recognize them, call Antioch Police and ask for Officer Adrian Gonzalez.


  1. Typical losers in Antioch. Hope they catch these scum bags and hope karma seriously takes a huge toll on them in life.

    • May you hang out with these lowlife, to know their from Antioch, it says open house in Antioch~~~

  2. You can do open houses by yourself. Just keep your purse over your shoulder at all times. My wife never leaves her purse unattended because she knows what will happen if she does.

  3. How long could a Facetime session last? If a realtor has to sit in a house alone, at least someone could be watching and listening from a distance. At least this time, she wasn’t abducted, forced to withdraw cash, etc., etc. We should be paying attention to activity at houses close to us, I guess. If there’s an open house next door, maybe have a look out the window once in awhile. Couldn’t hurt.

    • Good advice. I also would suggest that a realtor (man or woman) have there cell phone concealed on there person as well as a concealed pistol. Oops! A CCW in Contra Costa County is nearly impossible to obtain for the law abiding citizen. Only the bad people can have a concealed weapon in Antioch/Contra Costa County.Damn!

  4. Why not keep your purse, at least valuables ,locked in the trunk of your car. Don’t trust anyone anymore the world is a hard place and it getting harder by the look of things.

    • Exactly Julie! Why do you need to have your purse with you? I’d lock mine in my trunk – I only need my phone & keys

  5. Why not just leave your purse, at least valuables, locked in the trunk of your car. Don’t trust anyone anymore,the people of the world are gettin brazen and just don’t care what they got to do to get whatever.

  6. Sorry this happened to someone just working and trying to make a living.I hope they catch the scumbags I posted on my social media and asked others to share, Hopefully someone will recognize them.

  7. Yes she is the victim, but society has somehow skewed these low level criminals to be victims of society and leniency is the best coarse of action. The people in power have said “They needed her credit cards because they are not employable or recently lost their income maker.”

  8. Simple. Wear something with pockets and keep your ID in your pocket. But I do agree that pairing up to show homes is a much safer thing to do. She’s actually lucky they only took her wallet and didn’t beat her up…..

  9. Looky-lous at an open house do nobody any good. Not good for the agents, not good for the sellers (hey, they’ve seen all your locks and security system and if the house is still occupied, that’s a problem.) Better off having the house shown to qualified buyers only, who have met with a lender and can actually get the cash to perform and have some real motivation to do it. Otherwise, this is a lot like the parade that will be snaking through your living quarters. Just something to think about.

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