Prop 6: Effort to Repeal California Gas Tax Fails


On Tuesday, California voters rejected Proposition 6, an attempt to repeal the 12-cent gas tax increase which would have removed $5 billion in annual funding for road repair and transportation funding.

Overall, just 44.6% supported the repeal while 55.4% said they were in favor of keeping the tax. Specially in Contra Costa County, only 36.03% of voters supported the repeal.

SB-1 was created to help pay for an estimated $67 billion backlog in highway, bridge and road repair. Under the legislation, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, SB 1 (Beall), invests $52.4 billion over the next decade by doing the following:

  • $7.3 billion by increasing diesel excise tax 20 cents
  • $3.5 billion by increasing diesel sales tax to 5.75 percent
  • $24.4 billion by increasing gasoline excise tax 12 cents
  • $16.3 billion from an annual transportation improvement fee based on a vehicle’s value
  • $200 million from an annual $100 Zero Emission Vehicle fee commencing in 2020.
  • $706 million in General Fund loan repayments.

Had Proposition 6 been repealed, it would have meant a reduction in funding which would have eliminated or delayed road projects across the state.

At the October 1 Pittsburg City Council meeting, it was stated if Prop 6 was repealed, the City would lose more than $1 million in funding for much needed planned construction.

Also in October, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors approved their 7-year Capital Road Improvement and Preservation Program.  It was during the meeting they stated if Prop 6 was repealed they would lose $21.8 million in anticipated funding.

Several projects were on the chopping block including:

  • Vasco Road and Bryon Highway Improvements
  • Route 239 – Vasco Road/Byron Highway Connector Project
  • Marsh Creek Road Safety Improvements
  • Camino Tassajara Bike Lane Gap Closure
  • Marsh Creek Road Bridge Replacement (Bridge 143& 145)
  • Bryon Highway Bridge Replacement


  1. I believe the outcome would have been different, had prop 6 been presented in a different wording, like “Repeal Gas Tax” yes/no.

  2. Failing to repeal Prop 6 just shows you how many idiots there are in California.

    I guess these fools enjoy paying almost $4 a gallon in some areas and over $4 a gallon in other parts of the state.

    And of course the people elected another moron to be Governor for the next four years.

  3. That’s our government. Many will be sorry when this sets precident that taxes can be added without a vote of the people. California voters missed the point on this one. Can’t wait for the next tax shoved down our throats without a vote of the people. DA voters.

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