Police: Threat Against Pittsburg High School Not Credible


The Pittsburg Police Department confirmed Monday that they had become aware of a social media message on Friday about a possible threat to Pittsburg High School.

According to Captain Steve Albanese, throughout the weekend officers completed an investigation related to these statements and determined the social media message was not a credible threat, nor was it intended to be any kind of threat.

The department thanked the community for their active role in working to keep the community safe and making sure the schools remain safe.

No further information was released.


  1. I sure hope nothing really happens because then for sure the Pittsburg PD should take responsibility. I’m already a worried parent and see how many officers are just parked at local restaurants. That’s fine … just taking your breaks but would you if you knew your own kid was at that school that had possible “NOT CREDIBLE THREATS”

  2. My child attends Pittsburg High School and I am skeptical to even send him to school this week. The last thing anyone wants is another school shooting and I have to say I am not 100% confident that my child will be safe there. Parents need to start being a bit more vigilant and pay more attention to what’s going on with their children because somewhere along the line someone has allowed these kids to think that this sort of behavior is acceptable. And it’s not. Not at all. We need to be positive role models for these kids otherwise this is the type of crap that happens.

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