Pittsburg: Two Arrested for Attempted Murder of a Police Officer

Photo by Tanya Merrigan‎, faces have been blurred as a precaution.

The Pittsburg Police announced the arrested two men for attempted murder of a police officer.

At 4:00 pm Monday, Pittsburg Police Officers followed a stolen vehicle into the Costco parking in the City of Antioch.  The vehicle was occupied by the driver and front passenger.

The driver, Harrison Ishola Thomas, 48 of Concord,  initially stopped and as the officers exited their patrol vehicles, the front passenger, Nathaniel Alexander Sheppard, 29 of Pittsburg, fired once at the officers prior to fleeing in the vehicle.

Pittsburg police later said that Sheppard was just released from state prison six-days ago.

During the shooting a second shot was fired and the front passenger accidentally shot himself.  Both suspects were arrested after a brief vehicle pursuit.  The shooting suspect was recently released from prison.

Both suspects will be transported to county jail for attempted murder on a police officer in addition to other felony charges.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.

“We are grateful that none of our officers or community members were hurt as a result of the violent acts of these suspects,” said Captain Ron Raman.

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  1. Thank you prop 47 and prop 57. We are feeling the pain. Next time we should try supporting our police instead.

  2. I agree with Tim. It looks like California gun laws are working quite well, keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. I am thankful and grateful to God that the officer was unharmed.

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