Pittsburg Resident Arrested at Lafayette BART Station for Robbery and Use of Tear Gas


On Monday June 11, Bay Area Rapid Transit police arrested a Pittsburg resident for a robbery and using tear gas (mace) at the Lafayette BART Station.

Police say at 6:35 am, Diamond Stone, 18, was arrested.

James K Allison, BART Media Relations Manager, stated BART Police are not releasing any information beyond the police log entry as this case is still under investigation.

It’s unclear if anyone was injured or if anything was stolen.


  1. Had a problem at Lafayette last Friday night when exiting. Some guy was throwing a fit in front of the station agent’s booth assaulting passengers (all happened to be women) as they were exiting while yelling “stop, stop, stop.” Some of us stood back. Then, he jumps the fare gate and runs upstairs so we could leave. Scary guy. Station Agent should have warned passengers what we were walking into and stated BPD has been called or done something to help. Felt like a sitting duck. Then too many DUIs on 24 along with road construction. BART continues to disappoint; yet, they think they are doing so great. Life too stressful in California.

  2. This is no surprise. Last night around 10:30 pm some kid was wandering thru the cars totally high asking for $$$. I said no, carefully. One never knows if person wanting $$$ has a weapon.

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