Pittsburg Police Officer Shoots Suspect Who Later Succumbed to his Injuries

Press Release


Late last night at approximately 10:45 pm, Pittsburg Police Officers were called to the Nations restaurant on Railroad Avenue after a community member reported a suspicious vehicle at the location.  Officers were informed by the community member that a man seating inside the vehicle appeared to be conducting a drug deal with a person sitting inside another vehicle that had just left the area.    


Several minutes later officers arrived at the restaurant and found the vehicle described by the community member.  As two Pittsburg Police Officers walked towards the car, they saw a man seating in the driver’s seat.  Shortly after reaching the vehicle, officers saw a handgun in the center console of the car and both officers immediately began instructing the man to place his hands up and not to touch the gun.  


Initially the man did as instructed and placed his hands on the steering wheel.  As officers continued to give the man instructions not to reach for the firearm, the man dropped his right arm in an attempt to retrieve the handgun from the center console. As the man began to raise his hand back up, one of the officers fired his service weapon.  The man was struck and that’s when our officers immediately removed him from the car and administered first aid until an ambulance arrived.  He succumbed to his injuries at John Muir Hospital.


The man was 43-years-old and from Antioch.  Our thoughts are with the man’s family during this difficult and tragic situation all around.  We are also waiting to release his name, until his family has been notified.  


The Contra Costa County Officer Involved Fatal Incident Protocol was enacted and the Pittsburg Police Department has entered a joint investigation with the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office. 


This was a press release released by Pittsburg Police


  1. Reach for a gun and you are done, it’s simple, but even the most simple thoughts escape some people.

  2. I do not believe my nephew would try and use a gun in plain view when not all officers are respectful of life.
    Keep your negative comments about what you don’t know about a person struggling to turn life around and trying to keep a roof over his family’s head. People make choices that don’t always keep harm away from self and others.
    Without judging I wonder why Officers are threatened by people of African descent and most people lack the awareness of how they are conditioned to believe Americans labeled Black aren’t the enemy and understand Social Ethics do not include Black Americans.
    My nephew wasn’t suicidal so I wonder why the Officers were trained to kill (Blacks) first especially if they are Black.
    Common sense or a sign of intelligence to to allow the jury to decide if my nephew was guilty was overlooked. There was no justice served here.
    Melanie -Pharmaceutical sell drugs legally that kill and do same deliverance of pain, etc. caused by water,air, food poisoning.
    great work, wesside and mark kierman, you were not there and neither was I. The difference is I know where he grew up, saw his struggle and kept hope alive. Wearing a Police uniform doesn’t give that person more rights then anyone else just as the US president can speak ignorantly is a high Office without respect for the White High doesn’t make Police or the president right.
    Until society acknowledges inequality and racism is the root of this society’s diseases and false powers, your judgement is unfounded unless you spoke to the people who were there and can clearly assess if my nephew was reaching for ID. The could have asked him to step out of the car but I guess being an Officer is all that’s important right?
    Please don’t respond to me because I was raised to gather evidence.

    • My condolences to you and your family in the loss of your nephew. I pray that God’s peace provides you with comfort during this difficult season. There is no need to reply to this post or any other of the insensitive posts regarding your nephew.

    • I was waiting for the race card to be used…Im just waiting for someone to say how great this guy was and how he was a church goer.

      • Or ghetto mentality! Learn to cooperate with the police, and you won’t end up dead.

        Take responsibility for your own community.

    • I was pulled over by Pittsburg PD in a new car with paper plates, they couldn’t see the temp sticker in the front window because I had a bunch of gear including several firearms in cases stacked in the back, there was an officer on both sides of my car and the first thing I did was put my hands on the wheel, the second thing I did was immediately tell the officer on my side that I had several firearms and ammunition in the car, my hands never left the wheel until the officer told me to get my I.D. .
      All my paperwork was in order and after the officer thanked me for the heads up on the guns, I was soon on my way, he could see all the cases in the back but never even asked to see the weapons, he appreciated me doing exactly as he ordered me to do and my honesty about the guns being in the car. I never felt like either officer was going to shoot me. I recovered a gun from a guy who took it from my car in Antioch and had it in my pocket when the police arrived to arrest the guy, one of the officers asked to see the gun and told me I could get it from my pocket, I put my hands on my head and said he was welcome to take it from my pocket but that I was not going to reach for a gun with four cops in front of me, he laughed and took the gun out of my pocket checked it out and put it back, end of story. The way you behave with firearms around police officers dictates they way they will behave, if you are going to have a gun within your reach when the police are there then you should know how to play it by the book, or you should not have a gun anywhere near you, certainly not on your center console at a burger stand. I’ve had guns my whole life and these two examples are not the only encounters I’ve had with police while I had a gun in my possession, never have I felt like I was going to get shot, every time I did exactly what the officer said and every time it has ended with no problem.

      • You were raised properly, and you respect the police. It makes a big difference. Most black people don’t respect the police because they weren’t raised properly. The blacks I know do because they’re blacks, not racial slurs. The truth hurts. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I call a spade a spade.

        My thoughts are with the families of the officers – not lowlife drug dealers and enabling family members.

    • If you are concerned about the safety of the Black community then you should print this and distribute it to all of them who are thinking about carrying a gun, following these safety guidelines and rules will save a lot of lives, I guarantee it, complaining about being oppressed and treated unfairly will not be as effective.

    • Your nephew was on parole, has a lengthy criminal history, and has been convicted of gun possession and drug sales many times. Pretty sure I’ma side with the cops on this one.

  3. ‘Supposibly’ he was reaching for the gun. Why reach for it when the cops are at the window when he seen them as soon as they pull in? I dont trust the pigs in blue anymore than a drug dealer.

    • Hey Captain! The next time you’re held up and cleaned out DO NOT CALL THE POLICE whom you refer to as “pigs.” Instead, all a pig farmer from Tracy for help! Make sure it’s a BLUE pig painted with blue food color!

      Why reach for a gun with the cops right there? I’ll tell you why! It’s because the guy is a total moron, that’s why. Thankfully, he has been eliminated from the food chain.

        • Nice try to imitate me, E.E Parker! You got the name wrong! Mine is E. E. Parker! Notice where I put the periods and the space between the first two initials. Gotcha!

        • That’s not how one directs a comment. Use your brain if you have one, but then you post as “Dummy” which says exactly what you are! Have another drink!

          • Nobody was talking to you , keep your nose out of other conversations. I think its happy hour at Applebees, shouldnt you be on your 5th drink by now?

  4. Hard to say but if you follow directions most likely your going to be fine if he has a firearm in plain sight and reached down in that general direction its a split second choice between life and death right if there are witness’s and nations has some surveillance cameras we might get the whole picture can’t blame anyone if you don’t know the whole story

  5. “Supposibly”? Really?

    Well I suppose had he been instructed to reach for anything at all he wouldn’t have been shot.

    I also suppose police officers should assume someone dealing drugs with a gun in plain view is going to do the right thing.

    I also suppose and assume one of the reasons you don’t have a job where you put your life on the line to protect people you don’t even know is because you’re a wuss.

    Google Little Rock police officer shooting, and you’d see only one of the reasons why police officers are forced to make the decisions they do and what happens when they give the benefit of the doubt despite their initial instincts. “Supposibly” you would think differently, but I doubt it.

  6. The more the cops start shooting these losers the better, word will get out that cops arent playing games around here. Take back our cities and streets from all these low-lifes.

  7. Yard dawg, brothers don’t ever wear seatbelts while their car is driving down the road so he definitely wasn’t wearing his seatbelt while sitting in his parked car. So that theory is wayway out of the question. He was out late nite freakin around packing a gun and maybe dealing dope and he got got. Whether it was in the hands of another dopedealer or the police. Shouldn’t have been out just getting a cheeseburger with no cheese. It’s like kool aid with no sugar and cereal with no milk. It’s was “Friday” he didn’t have no job and he didn’t have shit to do!

  8. Ms Gwendolyn sorry to say but it doesn’t matter if he was black. If you have a gun in plain view and you can grab it a split second, the officer has to also make a split decision. That’s what happened. Don’t play the race card. Officer will shoot regardless of race if he/she fears for his safety in that same situation. Gwendolyn spread the word out and get your community educated on what not to do to draw attention to yourself that requires a call for service from law enforcement so that your feelings of inequality and injustices will be more understood. Your nephew was out in public screwing around when he shouldn’t have been and a concerned citizen called because they saw your nephew acting suspicious.

    • ‘spread the word out and get your community educated on what not to do to draw attention to yourself ‘
      Take a class at Los Medanos in stealthy drug dealing, and how to better hide your handgun.

  9. Gwendolyn i was trying to wait for more evidence but the fact that you just assume racism is bullshit how do you know it was a white cop Pittsburg police department is very culturally diverse so of course because your nephew was black so you just of course pull the race card and da he was turning his life around bullshit someone turning there life around don’t ride around with a gun in plain sight means he was not living right he could have gotten a real job to support his family but if you live by the gun you die buy the gun if you reach in the area where your gun is located with armed police officers pointing there gun at you its your fault plain and simple its a split second choice that officer has they want to go home to there family and now that officer has to live with your nephew’s stupid decision for the rest of his life.

  10. This all goes back to follow directions. Some people cant seem to do that and have the dont tell me what to do attitude being”black” has nothing to do with this saying that is just an accuse which is the main problem here. Im hispanic and trust me ive had my fair share of interactions with the police and guess what im still here to write this stupid post. Do what the F$&@ they say and there is no issue pretty simple

  11. Its simple, listen to instructions and do what your told…..I was harassed once by cops on the side of the freeway for an hour, went thru my car looking for something illegal, all because I happen to carry a large about of cash on me….Those specific cops are dicks, but I dont group them all together, they have a tough job, especially around here. I appreciate what they do.

  12. Why did your innocent nephew have a gun in plain view for? Im guessing the gun was stolen too…The guy was a POS and got what he had coming, black, white, brown, doesnt matter all drug dealers and thugs are POS!

  13. There is no legal means in the State of California by which you have the right to have a firearm on the center console of your car, so just by having it there he was committing a firearms crime, the police have every right to be nervous and afraid of somebody who is committing a firearms crime in the first place, it’s a crime no matter what color you are.

  14. Something not right with this story. So the community person said it was a drug deal. How did he know was the community person in the car and did the officers find drugs? Second just because you sit in a car with a person does not mean its a drug deal. Most of all everyone on here is making negative comments. A man lost his life until it happens to one of your family members you will not be saying that crap but you sit behind your phones and computers and talk negative about a man who has died. Pittsburg Police need to release the video so this will shut everyone up hopefully it is not edit. My condolences is with the family.

  15. Cecilia, my family members don’t put themselves in such positions. If they ever do, then they and they alone are responsible for any bad outcome. It’s called taking responsibility for ones actions.

    So until then quit trying to make people feel bad for commenting on the obvious.

    My condolences for your ignorance.

    • If your comment was positive that would be different but unfortunately it not so ignornace comes with you comment. Unfornately I must have riddle your hair or scalp. Were you there no. Not one person was until the body cam tells us what happen keep your stupidity comment to yourself.

  16. My family wont be in that situation, because we all work and contribute to society and we dont hangout at Nations at 11 at night. I dont feel sorry for this dumbass, jails are crowded already, it helped lighten the load with him being removed. Deuces

  17. Unfortunately, we do not live in a world where there is “fairness” or “equality.” That’s not how the world works and it would be great if it did, but it doesn’t. Children complain “this is not fair” — a very childish concept.

    Funny, but someone is always “turning his life around” as he succumbs to his old way of behavior. Maybe if he did the right thing the first time, there would be no need to turn your life around.

    • Lola, you are the biggest hypocrite on this board, who are you to preach how the world should have fairness and equality? Everyone here has read your racist views, and if they havent, then they should read the shit you say. So , put a sock in it!

      • Blah, I don’t give a rat’s ass about what you or others think. I am who I am and I’m happy with that. If you don’t like it, then that’s just too bad. Show me the law which states that “racism” is against the law. Do it! I’m waiting!

        By the way, I’m NOT for “fairness” at all. No one is equal … and if you think they are, then you are living in a fantasy world.

  18. so glad that people that pull the race card are getting taken to task, i don’t care if the guy died or not; most on here don’t either (stone-cold truth). about time to ditch this pc garbage. if you act like a fool and get shot by a cop no one should be crying. has nothing to do with skin color. people don’t hate the color brown; that is some ignorant garbage. people hate thugs that act like entitled fools and have hair trigger violent tendencies… that’s what they hate. pick your color. if the frequency of these thugs is high enough and one specific color by and large is over-represented, guess what the brain does? it correlates….holy crap. this hasn’t been about race for a long long time. it’s about power and control and the fear of losing control which is causing the left and the black community to try to normalize hyper-sensitivity with regards to race.

    world is finally waking up to the other side of the race card which is just as bad, when the “victims” start discriminating against everyone and anyone else that doesn’t adhere to their own agenda either political or financial.

  19. another thing, insinuating that an officer in the line of duty murdered someone because of “race” with little to no evidence is such a degenerate piece of trash thing to do. give officers the benefit of the doubt for Christ sake. they literally put on a uniform every day and don’t know if they are going to come home at night to their families. that insinuation of murder for folks that stick out their neck every damn day is 1000x more offensive to me than any racial slur could ever be. additionally, the taking of that position by default by a large number of members of the black community only severely undermines their cause among the general public. if you want respect put skin in the game and denounce the violence and garbage don’t defend it.

  20. Disgusting how many opinionated people are so comfortable being racist. Smfh. This city is full of people who wear masks. I see right threw all of you. I pray for peace and love!

    • Boss …… I never wear a mask … I’m totally transparent! I say what I feel and that’s a reflection of who I am. I’m very comfortable liking people like myself … and it’s not “I see right THREW all of you” .. “Threw” is the past tense of THROW … means you had thrown something, like a ball. The correct word is THROUGH! We all learned the difference in the first grade. Capisce?

  21. Damm, people are so heartless, the streets took this man,plain and simple..you don’t know until you’re in that situation, and until you are who he was. So no guessing, what he was thinking or what he was doing wrong..The police are living a hard life as well, trying to survive another day, and make it home to their families. Knowledge is definitely the key, we could all learn something from this and each other, so keep an open mind and mostly an open heart. My sympathy to the family of this man, may they find peace somehow..

    • ” The streets didnt take his life “, he took his own life, by not following directions and reaching for a gun.

  22. keep accusing people of racism instead of facing cultural and community problems. its a sure fire winner at the polls. term is being diluted more and more each day.

  23. Jb and thank trump you’re both fucking idiots first thank trump its his fault that guy had a gun and was selling drugs hell no and jb what should the cops do wait for this outstanding citizen to pull his gun and shoot them no sorry he got what he got because he did not listen to the cops plain and simple sorry for his family that has to deal with the repercussions of his ignorant choices but the cops where justified in what they did

  24. How dare you people talk about a man, you know nothing about. Read the paper again, The article never said the police actually recovered a weapon. He did not have a weapon in the car. Also, let me add “they didn’t find any drugs in his car”. He stopped at Nations to get food before work. He was on his way to WORK!!!!! The police are trying to cover this up!!! A witness video taped the whole ordeal and it doesn’t match, the officers account of what happened that night. The ignorant comments made here, is sickening to say the least. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? This shooting was not justifiable!!! He complied with all of the demands the offices gave.

    • oh yeah , you sure told them. finally signs of intelligent life, I thought I was the last of my kind.

  25. The cops and media lie too much. All of u should shut up until you know the details. Nosey bastard who called cops should be shot for being nosey. They just thought they were doing drug deals. And how can cops see a gun in consel from behind the car?

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