Pittsburg Police Nab Driver Going 113-MPH With Child in Vehicle

Photo by Pittsburg Police

The Pittburg Police Department shared a photograph of officers stopping a vehicle traveling 113-mph on Highway 4 during the evening commute.

The incident occurred Thursday when they were out monitoring traffic as part of Motorcycle Safety Awareness month when Sgt. Joe Terry saw an Audi driving 113 mph during rush hour. At that speed, it took a few moments for our officers to pull the car over.

According to police, when we learned the driver’s license was suspended and in the back seat, a young child.

Police towed the vehicle.



  1. I see this shit all day everyday, people speeding with their kids in the car, people texting with kids in the car…..where is the CHP on Hwy 4 anymore, I never see them …They would make money hand over fist by patrolling Hwy 4 more, it would simply pay for any and all cops needed, not to mention make the roads safer.

  2. Thank you very much officers. Speeding on Hiway 4 is so bad we just don’t want to drive on it anymore.

  3. It truly is horrible driving on highway now..a lot of speeders that don’t seem to understand the consequences of their actions..pull them all over!!

  4. It’s about time they caught some of these dumb ass drivers. Hwy 4 is the worst freeway in the Bay Area, people don’t drive with common sense. Every morning as soon as I get in the car pool lane, some dumb ass is right on my ass and I’m already doing 75. When they pass me up with a dirty look or a finger, they’re usually solo drivers. CHP could make a killing on Hwy4 with all the bullshit that goes on that freeway!

  5. The problem with stupid people is that they are too stupid to understand that they themselves are in fact stupid, driving like an a**hole on a public road or highway is stupid, dangerous for everybody on the road and usually doesn’t get you to where you are going much if any faster.

  6. We need CHP between Bailey Rd. and Hillcrest everyday of the week.
    This speed is all too common.

    Do these comments make it to the CHP office?

  7. anyone notice this is the somersville exit where those 2 little girls died? this is ridiculous CHP!

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