Pittsburg Police Nab Armed Robbery Suspect With K9 Assist


On Saturday at 12:25 pm,  Pittsburg Police Officers responded to the report of an armed robbery. While in enroute, officers observed a subject matching the description of the suspect provided by the victim.

Officers attempted to contact the suspect at which point he fled on foot through several backyards in the surrounding area. After a short foot pursuit, officers were able to apprehend the suspect and take him into custody.

Officer Oreja responded to the scene with Police K9 Kyra to conduct an evidence search. K9 Kyra located a loaded firearm, several items of the clothing belonging to the suspect and the victim’s cellphone that was taken during the incident.

A records check revealed the firearm to be stolen out of the City of Pittsburg and the suspect to be a convicted felon.

Information provided by Pittsburg Police


  1. At least they complied otherwise they would have been shot and killed by law enforcement jumping backyard fences. And there would be protests this weekend all over the Bay. And Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy lol! So give these stupid dumb asses a little credit for complying just a little bit. They will never figure it out that they put their own selves in that situation just like all the others killed by law enforcement. Looks like they will live another day and continue to commit crimes until they’re killed by law enforcement.

    • So running away justifies getting shot??? Does holding your ground in a conversation with a officer justifies getting shot or killed????? White people do this all the time and get off or treated like a human even after they kill innocent black people and are considered to have mental promblems. The media does not talk about criminal pass or how they fail to follow tips. So if you truly feel like this come out and let it be known how you feel. Dont hide online come out. So the community can frown upon you and you lose your job. Scary a** f*** boy.

    • I was wondering the same thing! Which neighborhood? Whose backyards did this POS try to hide in? I’m glad the dog was involved. You can’t fool a dog!

  2. Miss what a waste, my point is if you don’t commit a crime then the cops will not show up, period. Then you won’t have to run, period. And you will not have any contact with the cops if you’re not out there committing crimes. If people are out there committing crimes, the cops will show up. That’s all I’m saying. Plain and simple.

  3. Good girl, K9 Kyra! What a girl! I hope your handler grills you a nice, big steak!

  4. He’s lucky the dog didn’t tear him a new a$$ hole that way he will think 2 times about running from the po po. Get a real job you lazy punk

  5. The punk is damned lucky! Kyra could have done a splendid job and also stuck that gun up in there.

  6. Kyra takes no prisoners! Good girl, Kyra! The moron is indeed lucky Kyra didn’t do any major alterations on him.

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