Pittsburg PD: Shelter in Place Ordered Due to Explosive Device


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There is a Shelter in Place emergency in Central Ave and MacArthur Ave area of Pittsburg due to controlled detonation of an explosive device.
People in the Central Ave and MacArthur Ave in Pittsburg are advised to take shelter in the nearest place of safety due to a controlled detonation of an explosive device. Go inside, and close all windows and doors. Stay off the phone unless you need to report a life-threatening emergency at your location. Stay indoors for the next two hours unless you receive further official instructions.
This has been a message from the Pittsburg Police Department.

By 10:35 pm, the alert had been cancelled.  The call originally came in around 9:19 pm on Somers St. in Pittsburg. The item was believed to be several road flares with rifle shells. The item was left being by a former tenant who was evicted a few weeks ago. The Walnut Creek Bomb Squad was on scene and set off the device.