Pittsburg Parents Notified After Student Brings Plastic BB Gun with Pellets onto Campus


This week, parents at Heights Elementary School were notified after a student brought a plastic BB gun with plastic pellets onto campus and began showing it to other students.

The student was a 4th grader according to a parent.

Superintendent Janet Schulze explained principal Laura Francissent sent out a short statement to staff and families after the incident was reported. She added no one was hurt and shared the letter which is provided below:

To Heights Staff:

Late yesterday afternoon a student was found to have a plastic BB gun with plastic pellets on campus and showed it to some other students. There were no injuries. We immediately began the investigation. The parents of the students involved were immediately contacted and the students are home pending the investigation.  We have contacted Pittsburg police department and are following our processes.  There is no other information to share at this time and we also need to be mindful of the privacy of any students.

The safety of our students is our top priority. Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns. If any parents contact you with questions, please have them contact Ms. Phan or myself.

Laura Francis
Principal of Heights Elementary


  1. That’s how it starts, just thank god it wasn’t a loaded handgun from one of the stupid conservatives. I say give him a glock 23 what the worst that can happend, after all he needs protection

        • Guns are kept under pillows, not mattresses. Let’s see how long it would take you to retrieve your gun if it was under the mattress you slept on?

          • My point exactly, they aren’t well protected and are extremely easy for kids to get their hands on them

  2. I find absolutely no humor in these comments…my grandkids go to Heights. Isn’t it about time for adults to start behaving as such and setting a better example for our youth to follow?? How on earth can any adult make jokes about a child with a gun??? What is wrong with people?

    • I am in complete agreement with you. The ECT forum is saturated with utter nonsense. Thankfully, few take anything said here is less important than the drool on their bibs.

  3. I talked to the parent of the student that got the gun pointed at and she said the school never contacted her. The school is trying to hide it and is lying about it.

  4. supervise your kids responsibly which means checking backpacks! This is not funny, not now, not ever.

  5. This is truly unsettling. Joking about guns is just as unsettling. When the gun control conversation turns to joking and finding humor in potential violence we’re in big trouble. Liberals and conservatives…we all need to get it together. Bashing each other is part of the problem. Grownups acting like name calling fools. I know you are but what am I. Doesn’t make sense at all. Let’s all grow up and set examples for our children that we could be proud of instead of being immature jerks. This kind of tragedy could happen in any community, god forbid. Why people are acting so blasé and flippant is completely lost on me.

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