Pittsburg: Man Jumps off Loveridge Off-ramp, Highway 4 Shut Down


At 3:08 pm, Contra Costa County fire responded to westbound Highway 4 at Loveridge in Pittsburg after a man reportedly jumped off the Loveridge off-ramp onto the freeway.

Per Contra Costa County Fire, the subject was laying in the roadway and a big rig was blocking all lanes of traffic.

By 3:19pm – IC was broken down and CHP traffic control was released from the scene. One patient was transported to John Muir Walnut Creek with major injuries.

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  1. It’s extremely sad when a person reaches this point of desperation for attention or is that destitute whichever the case. I hope he/she gets the help they need.

    • It’s very sad, but it’s not always for attention. I doubt this dude, and hopefully anyone else, would jump off of a freeway overpass for attention. That’s someone with internal turmoil, they’re hurting without any logical resolve. It’s not a good place to be, I too hope he gets the help he needs.

  2. Omgoodness, some people are so troubled, and have very little support! I pray he gets some relief from what is ailing him.

    • You do realize most of the people that need help the most see it as a burden to ask for help?

  3. I feel for the guy. I get it, life isn’t easy. I really wish those that want to harm themselves do it where and when you won’t risk harming innocent people. It could easily have read, “Man kills mother and child while committing suicide from offramp”. I’m not unsympathetic to those who want to kill themselves and I would do whatever I could to help someone in that situation. I am just really upset that someone involves people into THEIR problems.

  4. When I drove by I seen man face down moving slightly. Truck blocking traffic. It was not on freeway it was on the off ramp. I went by too fast to if it was a man or boy. Too bad.

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